A GM’s Carol: The Ghost of Aging Veterans

On a sweatstained duvet cover, Jay Feaster tosses and turns fitfully. Suddenly, his window blows open and in drifts a ghostly spectre. "What do you want from me?! Why are you haunting me?! Why do you look like Jarome Iginla?" "I’m here to show you what your star player is dealing with. You’ll accompany me as we see…



With the NHL still coping with the deaths of players Derek Boogaard, Rick Rypien and Wade Belak, the hockey world is reeling with today’s tragic news out of Russia about the crash of Jaroslavl Lokomotiv’s team flight shortly after take-off. Here’s the story, starting with the original report by the Associated Press, as it has unfolded…


A GM’s Carol: Prologue

Jay Feaster knew he should have taken Ken Hitchcock’s advice and cut out spicy foods before dinner. Image courtesy of Dirty Dangle In a canopt bed, covered in silks sheets, Calgary GM Jay Feaster chuckles to himself while reading Oilers fans get all wound up: You know what? I look forward to the Battle of…


Hockey Is Destroying Western Civilization

Laura Robinson’s article on the Vancouver riots and the violence-worshipping nature of hockey doesn’t quite go as far as the title above, but she comes close. Robinson argues that hockey – she cites the Vancouver Olympics and the Canucks’ playoff run – leads to violence against women, because of the culture of violence in hockey.


Catchable Teams

Brian Burke was bullish about the Maple Leafs’ playoff hopes at a press conference earlier today, and one quote in particular stood out to me: “We think there’s a couple of catchable teams. I’m not going to name them. No reason to start with bulletin board material before the season even begins, but we think…