Nations Fantasy Draft Primer – On Sale Now!



Ye members of the Nation (who don’t employ ad blockers) have probably noticed a new banner on the right that looks curiously like the header pic above.

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Allow me to explain.

Jonathan Willis – scholar, gentleman and ceaseless writer about all things hockey – walled himself up in an abandoned coke oven this summer and, a few weeks later, emerged blinking into the sunlight with his laptop in hand.

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"Here." He said, thrusting the virtual manuscript at Wanye,

"I’ve written a 150-page, 50,000 word fantasy draft primer." Wanye, at once confused and amazed by such a large collection of words declared he would only part with it for the rarest Faberge egg or ambrosia bestowed by the gods themselves. Or a lock of Ryan Smythe’s golden locks (naturally).

While impressed by his ambition, I convinced Wanye to settle on a slightly smaller price for Willis’ labor of love – particularly since we can sell as many of the infinitely replicable file that people will buy.

Less Than a Happy Meal

And that is how we have come to offer you Willis’ monstrous tome for the relatively modest price of $5 USD.

At this juncture I have been directed to note by our gregarious overlord that the Nations will always be free to read, listen to and (one day) watch. But because free doesn’t pay Robin Brownlee’s monthly Ferrari lease payment, we continue to look for non-annoying ways to generate revenue.

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In addition, we figure it would be nice to reward Willis for his singular effort on this project. The Primer (it will be simply known as The Primer from now on) boasts essays on uncertain goalie situations, sleeper picks and potentially overrated players. Player profiles are in alphabetical order, include the last three years of each guys results, his injury risk and projected output. Heck, there’s even handy checklists at the back to help you during the draft itself.

So if you’re looking for an edge in your upcoming hockey pool, look no further than the The Nations Fantasy Draft Primer! You’ll win your pool guaranteed!**

**Not a guarantee

Add to Cart

Click the button above to order The Primer and we will ensure rapid delivery of your very own .pdf file straight to your in-box. If you want to think about it for a bit, then worry not! The aforementioned banner at right will enable your purchase just as ably. It will remain on the site for as long as it take us to raise enough to pay for Wanye’s gold teeth caps.

Happy drafting everyone.

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UPDATE – By popular demand, I’ve made up a sample of The Primer available to all interested parties. Simply click below to download.



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 The sample includes some parts of the opening sections as well as a couple of player profiles.

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