Luke Schenn Rumored Deal worth $11-12 over 3 years



Rumors of a purported deal with RFA Luke Schenn are swirling today. Suggested numbers put the deal between $3-4M per year.

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At this point, things remain unconfirmed so analysis and reaction should be tempered. However, if the $4M cap hit and three year term prove true, it’s not a contract that Brian Burke should be terribly proud of. The Leafs purchase none of Schenn’s UFA years and the pay scale is at the top of the range for a defender with such a limited offensive ceiling as Schenn.

The second contract has recently become one of paying for a players future, assumed contributions based on "potential", so the dollar figure isn’t wholly abnormal at this point. This is part of the reason so many RFA negotiations have dragged out this off-season: the player has limited leverage as a restricted free agent, but there nevertheless exists significant precedence for agents to point to in defense of a high price tag.

That said, the relatively high dolllr figure usually ensures a few years of the player’s prime, UFA-eligibility for the club. In accounting for such a contract, the team essentially overpays for the first few years, but bets on getting more value relative to fair market price at the end.

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As such, if the contract as rumored is real, Schenn is getting the best of both worlds: the high-end pricetag as an RFA, but with the ability to go straight to the open market as soon as he is able.

As mentioned though we don’t yet know how accurate these rumors are. More analysis will follow when the true numbers are revealed.

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  • Danny Gray

    I’m okay with 3.5. I also understand that Schenn has been identified as a future face of the franchise, for better or worse, and that might factor into the number as well.

    • That’s rich. You think Volchenkov is a “premiere” defensive defenseman? Are you easily distracted by big hits or something?

      Fact is, you put Schenn instead of Staal in front of Lundqvist, and there’s no doubt about who the better defenseman is. 4M over 3 years is a comparable and excellent deal when you account for the near 10% salary cap inflation, and Schenn’s play at his age when Staal was just cutting his teeth.

      PPP: Puerile Punch-less Punks.

      • Heh, look at this tough guy.

        Staal might have had a better goalie behind him but he’s also played tougher competition than Schenn. Offensively they might be close but Staal has always been better than Schenn at comparable ages.

        $4M isn’t an excellent deal by any stretch of the imagination.

    • Strawman argument much? There’s upside and there’s paying to outbid. Do you really think that something as subjective as your opinion about Volchenkov is going to sway the most ardent of hockey followers into believing that Volchenkov is a premiere defenseman and getting paid like one?


      • I know Chemmy probably isn’t inclined to draw you a map so that you can comprehend his point but I will do it for him.

        When Anton Volchenkov was a Unrestricted Free Agent, he was the premier shutdown defenceman on the market. That was the consensus hockey-wide. There is no argument against it.

        Luke Schenn is a restricted free agent. That means that unless there is a team willing to give him an offer sheet that there is only one team bidding for his services which gives the Leafs’ leverage.

        Therefore, Volchenkov’s contract shouldn’t be used as a comparable because there were multiple teams bidding on his services (as an established player) compared to one team bidding for Luke’s (who is still developing).

        All of that means, that Schenn getting a deal close to Volchenkov’s is not a good outcome for Toronto.

        Did you get that?

  • I was hoping for a Bogosian-level contract; that’s a good deal, 5mil over 2 years. Similar numbers to Schenn unless you count +/-… which I don’t.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but Bogosian isn’t being looked at as a cornerstone of the Winnipeg franchise the way Schenn is for the Leafs, right? I’m not sure if that makes up for the additional 1.5mil per year and the handcuffing of the contract length. Too short to get a UFA year, too long to renegotiate as an RFA, 4mil for a guy with minimal offensive output…. ehhhh… it’s a good thing he’s dreamy.