Leafs vs. Rangers: Find Something Better To Do Tonight


  Tonight marks the 590th meeting between these two Original Six franchises. The Leafs enter the game with a 5-2-1 record and a healthy Tim Connolly for the first time this season. Will he mesh with Kessel? Will he help our beleaguered PP? Will he spontaneously combust at some point during the game?


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                             He was so busy trying to set-up Phil Kessel he forgot to find a cure.

The Setup:

After an extended road trip from Stockholm in the east to Edmonton in the west the Rangers finally return home to open a renovated Madison Square Garden. This is the place where Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka ascended to the top of a steel cage and where Bret and Owen had one of the best undercard matches in Wrestlemania history. Any game at MSG is an event and tonight will be no different.

The Rangers bring with them a 3-2-2 record over 7 games. Their offense has struggled managing to score only four more goals as an entire team than Phil Kessel has all by himself. Someone should inform Kessel so he can have a four goal night.

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The Leafs have an all-time record of 276-213-95 against the Rangers. The last few seasons have featured some memorable games between the two clubs. On November 1, 2008 the Rangers took a 2-0 lead into the third period. They were nursing that lead until 8 minutes in when John Mitchell cut the lead to 1. The Leafs would score 4 unanswered goals in the next 6 minutes to win the game 5-2. That was the good. Last season on January 19 the Leafs were spanked 7-0 at MSG the Leafs only managed 22 shots in what was undeniably their worst game of the season.

Thanks to their lackluster offensive production the Rangers are relying on Henrik Lunqvist more than usual. They are also missing Marc Staal on the blueline. The addition of Connolly pushes Lombardi and Bozak down the depth chart. The Leafs have been at their best this season when they can roll four lines of actual NHL caliber players checks Twitter….Oh, Gustavsson is starting? Oh, bother.


The Performance: 

               The Maple Leafs of Toronto Vs. The Rangers of New York City

                                               7PM on TSN and AM640

                                AT BRAND NEW



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The Prestige:

The Leafs have done well after each loss they’ve suffered this season. The return of Connolly will see the Leafs put in a complete 60 minute effort and Gustavsson will attone for his 6 goal "effort" the last time he played at MSG.  

Go Leafs Go!


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  • RexLibris

    Awesome Futurama references there. Has Connolly ever been checked for Terminal Boneitis?

    And with Ron Wilson’s hair he kind of looks like that 80’s guy.

    Anyway, I hardly ever see the Leafs and Rangers out here so I couldn’t say much about how they match up. I knew the Leafs would take apart the Flames the other day with their defensive depth, and I can see why Leaf fans are excited to get Connolly back based on how well Kessel has started the season.

    Sorry to say this on a Leafs blog, but I’d put my money on the Rangers tonight, albeit by a narrow margin.