State of the Nations – 2011-2012 Season

  The new season is finally upon us. The sun rises on 2011-12 and with it a new dawn for the Nations Network. We’ve added some new sites and new faces this summer and are currently working away in Wanye’s secret hide-out on future various plans and schemes. Here’s a little of what you can…


Maple Leafs vs. Habs Shift Chart

                        We had some fun over at the Montreal Canadien’s SBN site yesterday. Checking back today I found an interesting site linked in their game re-cap. It’s an interactive shift chart of last night’s game. Compiled by www.timeonice.com the chart can tell us a few…


Montreal’s Excellent Power Play

    Last night on the CBC we got to hear about Montreal’s excellent system based play at great length thanks to insightful hockey savant Glenn Healy. I figured I’d do a frame by frame breakdown of the only Montreal power play a goal was scored on in order to demonstrate why the Canadiens are so effective…


Nation Network Projected Finishes, 2011-12

We’ve gone from one end of the Nation Network to the other, polling writers from Canucks Army on the West Coast to Leafs Nation in the East (readers of the latter site, please feel free to substitute "Universal Center" for "East" in your minds) and everywhere in between. What we’ve come back with are the…


Talking Advanced Stats with Elliotte Friedman

You all know Elliotte Friedman – he’s the Hockey Night in Canada Broadcaster who happens to write the best English language hockey column in the world. His 30 Thoughts go up every Monday (they’re rarely delayed, but when they are, Twitter has a panic-attack). No one captures chatter from the rink quite like Friedman does…


HOCKEY IS BACK! Toronto v. Montreal

    THANKS BE TO BUDDHA! After a long summer, NHL hockey is finally back. The 82 game grind begins with a matchup against the Old Enemy. The Leafs built their playoff push last year in large part on their success within their division. They’ve not lost a season series to the Canadiens since 2006…


Penalty-Killing Plugs

  Michael Langlois made an interesting comment on the Leafs season preview podcast that was published on the Globe’s website yesterday. He pointed out that, to his memory, most of the best penalty-killing forwards (going back for decades) were the best all-around players, and not those we have come to think of as a "PK…


Leafs Acquire Steckel

    News came down this afternoon that the Leafs have grabbed David Steckel from the Devils in exchange for a fourth round pick. The former Capital costs just $1.1M in cap space over the next two seasons and is one of the very best face-off men in the league.


Cuts Like a Knife

  Per Mirtle the Leafs have made their final cuts: “Defencemen Keith Aulie and Matt Lashoff and forwards Darryl Boyce, Joey Crabb and Mike Zigomanis were all dropped from the Leafs roster” “Lashoff, Boyce and Crabb are on waivers in order to go to the minors. Zigomanis had already cleared earlier in training camp.” What…


2011-2012 Maple Leafs Stars And Goats

Every fanbase has someone that they worship to a level that may seem unwarranted by an outsider as well as one that they villify to no end. While Leaf fans sometimes get painted as ones that go to further extremes than any other fanbase, that’s ludicrous. All fanbases are crazy. Since everyone can always use…