NHLNumbers Podcast Episode 3


In the third installment of the NHLNumbers podcast, the regular cast including myself, JW and Justin Azevedo is joined by Robert Vollman, Flamesnation contributor and Hockey Prospectus author and one of the senior figures in quantitative hockey analysis. This episode features discussions of the psychological biases and habits that make objective analysis in hockey paradoxically counter-inuitive to the way we see and think about the game.

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Segment 1

In the first segment, we talk to Rob about how he got his start in stats circles and some of measures he has created over the years.

Segment 2

In part two, we discuss the various ways statistical analysis clashes with the natural ways people encode and interpret information. Tendencies towards narrative creation and confirmation bias are mentioned. 

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Segment 3

Finally we swing back to measures employd by Hockey Prospectus, including GVT (goals versus threshold) and Robert Vollman’s own SNEPTS system that uses histroical comparables to project current players potential output.

Whole thing

Get the whole she-bang here.

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