Why I’m Not Freaking Out

  After a rough stretch of play to begin the month of December the Leafs are in danger of falling out of playoff position for the first time this season. They are 2-4-2 over that stretch and I’m surprisingly okay with it.



  Lots of WJC talk this week on NationRadio with the annual tournament right around the corner. Among the other topics this week is Magnus Paajarvi being sent from the Oilers to their AHL affiliate, the 2011-12 Boston Bruins, Red Deer Rebels and OKC Barons. This is NationRadio.

The Problem With Mike Milbury

Today, CBC hockey analyst Mike Milbury was charged with assault in relation to an incident that occurred with an opposing player as he helped coach his son’s pee wee hockey team. How serious the incident was is not entirely clear; but from the reports today it sounds like it’s fairly unexceptional hockey parent behaviour. That…



In the first part of a special feature to the Nation Network, we are proud to introduce a guest columnist –  WJC Team Canada alumni Brian Sutherby. As a member of the 2002 Silver Medal winning Canadian team, he knows a thing or two about a thing or two. And throughout the 2012 WJC he will…


Questionable Qorrelations: 16 Wins and Cup Championships

  With their win last night over the Carolina Hurricanes the Leafs have 16 wins on the season. 16 wins also happens to be the amount required to win the Stanley Cup. This made me wonder: how long did it take the last few Cup winners to win 16 games?


Fancy math: The Toronto Maple Leafs penalty kill

The Toronto Maple Leafs penalty kill over the last five seasons, for lack of a better term, has been absolutely brutal. Every possible stone has been overturned: the system is bad, the personnel is bad, so what is there left to change? So, this, naturally, popped up over at Arctice Ice Hockey:


Brian Burke’s Interview with the Score

For those still unawares, the Score’s Sophia Jurksztowicz did an excellent interview with Toronto Maple Leafs General Manager Brian Burke that aired on TV last night. Being infamous for its “barn fight” story in the lead-up to the interview, Burke and Jurksztowicz tackle many topics including bullying and homophobia, and also Burke’s coffee preference.



The holiday season is almost upon us and your ol’ pal Lowetide has given you an early gift with this week’s NationRadio episode. Oilers talk? Check. Flames stuff? Why not. Ryan Lambert explaining what exactly "Ovechkin’s steroids" are exactly? Oh yeah. This is NationRadio.

The Fading Fortunes Of Tomas Kaberle

When the Toronto Maple Leafs dealt Tomas Kaberle to Boston at last season’s trade deadline, most fans were appreciative of the return that Brian Burke managed to finagle from the Bruins for his services. As time goes on, it’s rapidly becoming apparent exactly how good a deal that was for the Leafs.


December 9th News and Notes

                 It’s time for another review of some of the items of interest from around the Nation and the league, as teams move into the middle third of the season. In this week’s overview, the Oilers hit a sour patch, the Canucks carry on without a couple of…