Don Cherry’s bizarre feud with Brian Burke

Don Cherry has never taken issue with being the centre of attention. With his weekly appearance on CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada’s first intermission segment, Cherry takes to his soapbox to discuss his own personal appearances, vendettas and politics in front of a large national audience forgoing any quality analysis from the first two periods.


Four Keys of the Home Stretch

  That sure is a nice scoreboard.  There are 32 games left in the Leafs’ season. They sit 9th in the Eastern Conference, tied with the New Jersey Devils and Florida Panthers at 55 points. (Though the Leafs have more Regulation and Overtime wins than both teams so if they had all played equal games…


Marlies Weekly Update – January 23-31

Editor’s Note: This is Jeff’s first post for The Leafs Nation. He will be helping us keep on top of the AHL’s Toronto Marlies and the Leafs’ prospects. Each week he will give us a recap of the week that was and preview the week to come. Following him on Twitter (@Jeffler) and read more…


What’s Eating Nikolai Kulemin?

If you’re a top-six forward and Joey Crabb has doubled your goal production despite playing 10 fewer games, it’s a pretty safe bet that things haven’t exactly been going your way. But add to that the fact that this is a contract year and you are losing yourself future dollars by the day, and things look…


Introducing The Leafs Nation Podcast

Last weekend, Danny Gray and I sat down to record the first ever Leafs Nation Podcast. My editing skills probably leave something to be desired, but from here on in, we’ll do our best to make this a weekly feature, and have a different guest for each episode. Read on for a link to the…


Should Burke Add Top-Six Size At The Deadline?

Really, the only thing that Burke has emphatically said that he wants to acquire in the coming weeks is more size for his top-six. It’s not a bad idea per se, but the Leafs’ defense hasn’t exactly been stellar and their goaltending situation is questionable to say the least. In short, I’m somewhat surprised that…


Nation Radio – January 28, 2012

    It was all Edmonton all the time on all-star Saturday. Lowetide was visited by Terry Jones, Dennis King, Jim Byers and Corey Graham to talk about everything from the major league Oilers to minor league Oil Kings. This is Nation Radio.


Sexism and the All-Star Fantasy Draft

  Dreams really do come true. Last night the NHL held the All-Star Fantasy Draft for the second time. While it gives adult fans an opportunity to play Statler and Waldorf on Twitter after each pick, it is really meant for the children. As last year’s Guardian Project demonstrated, the NHL sees the All-Star game…


He Puzzled And He Puzzed

How many times have you been watching your team carry a lead, only to have the commentators announce that the opposing team has scored most of their goals in a later period? Listen, I get it; the talking heads on TV have to maintain a certain level of suspense. They can’t very well say "It’s…


Is Scott Gomez hockey’s most underrated? (Yes)

    Poor Scott Gomez. From the website which asks the rhetorical question “Did Gomez score” to players naming him the 3rd most overrated player in hockey, it seems like there are a lot of hockey fans, players and media who don’t appreciate his talent.


NHL Referees are biased, but not in the way you think

Dion Phaneuf pleads for mercy, I think.  The Folks over at Lighthouse Hockey had some qualms with the officiating in Tuesday night’s loss to the Leafs. For the second straight game the Leafs did not surrender a power play opportunity to the New York Islanders. While some might don their tin-foil touques and pull out…


Does the Liles extension mean Grabovski is out in Toronto?

As mentioned earlier at The Leafs Nation by Danny Gray, the rumour that John-Michael Liles had re-signed a long-term deal with the Toronto Maple Leafs hit the Internet feeds this morning, securing the future for at least one current Toronto Maple Leaf. The deal was confirmed in the afternoon, with Liles signing a four-year extension…