Nation Radio – January 28, 2012



It was all Edmonton all the time on all-star Saturday. Lowetide was visited by Terry Jones, Dennis King, Jim Byers and Corey Graham to talk about everything from the major league Oilers to minor league Oil Kings.

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This is Nation Radio.

Segment 1

First up is the Edmonton Sun’s Terry Jones. Topics include the recent success of the OKC Barons. 

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Segment 2

Scoring chance counter extraordinaire Dennis King of discusses MPS and Ales Hemsky.

Segment 3

Lowetide shares his thoughts on the progression of some OIler prospects and the Edmonton Hawks Athletic Club.

Segment 4

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OKC play-by-play man Jim Byers stops in to talk about Oilers prospects including Alex Plante.

Segment 5

WHA founder Dennis Murphy talks about starting the WHA, hockey in Edmonton and the different perspectives of the game in Canada and the US.

Segment 6

Host of Edmonton Sports Night Live and PBP voice of the Edmonton Oil Kings, Corey Graham previews the Oil King’s Saturday night contest.

Full show

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The whole shebang.

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    • justDOit

      I didn’t watch all of the skills contest, but I only saw Ebs serving up pucks for Neal, winning the shot accuracy contest. Crazy not to include him in the actual contest.

      And how is it that Hall didn’t make it there?

  • justDOit

    I just read on TSN MOBILE that ANDY SUTTON has caught the eyes of GMs across the NHL.


    Looks like Tambellini has been on the phone all day with Brian Burke (Toronto).
    They are talking about a possible trade of
    SAM GAGNER/HEMSKY/ SUTTON and a 2012 2nd round pick for LUKE SCHENN and NAZEM KADRI.

    • Chris.

      Bad deal. Hemsky is worth a first by himself. Sutton is worth a 3rd/4th. The Oilers should keep their 2012 picks remembering our 2nd is practically a first.

      Gagner for Schenn straight accross is somewhat fair given Schenn’s has not a lot of offence, isn’t an established top 4, and is making $3.(Something) per season. By this metric: Kadri is not worth a first, 3rd, and 32nd/33rd overall pick. He just isn’t.

  • justDOit

    HEMSKY is gonna be a rental player. Remember he is a UFA at seasons end so his value is gonna be a lot lower. And Sutton at 36 doesn’t fit in to the teams future. So by getting a young defenseman and a young forward, your just building a deeper team.
    KADRI may flourish playing with our young guns.

    • Chris.

      There is an opportunity cost here. I’d rather have Gagner and 3 top 35 picks (plus an extra late rounder for Sutton) than Schenn, Kadri and only one pick in the top 60. You are talking about four assets for two. Better packages should be available for those four assets than a young stay at home defenceman, and a forward prospect lacking size.

  • kdunbar

    Sutton and Hemsky are UFA so they are simply rental and neither has proven a first round value as a rental.

    Taking them out of the equation you have Luke Schenn and Nazem Kadri. for Ganger and a second.

    I take that deal. The rentals just greese the wheels to make it happen.

    Kadri has a better chance of fitting into the Centre roll and winning some faceoffs. He also adds (a little) size over Gagner, which addresses that need a little. Also gives Lander time to develop in OKC.

    And Schenn fits better than a second round pick in terms of where this team is in the rebuild. No he may not be the top 2 pairing we are hoping for, but will serve us better than a 2012 second rounder. Plus we have Anahiems second in 2013 to make up for it.