Leafs Nation Podcast


I hope you all have your ear trumpets spit polished and ready to go, because Julian Sanchez and Kent Wilson joined me this week for The Leafs Nation’s third ever podcast. With Kent around, there’s bound to be some Flames chatter, and a handful of Matt Stajan jokes, so follow me over the jump for a listen.

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LN Podcast the third

1. Sundin memories (Kent’s favorite part)
Pleasing interlude #1: Boston – Vampire Weekend

2. Toronto hate + spitballing about different ways to broadcast hockey
Pleasing interlude #2: Pâte filo – Malajube

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3. Deadline options – Hemsky?
Pleasing interlude #3: Modern Guilt – Beck

4. Kids can be cruel

In the next episode, look for our own Danny "Busta Rhymes" Gray to make his reappearance on the show, as he was in Ottawa waiting outside Daniel Alfredsson’s house with a bat this weekend and unable to attend.

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As usual, let us know if you have any suggestions, comments about the discussion, technical notes, etc., please leave ’em down at the bottom here.

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