Danny’s Deadline Day Divinations

Tomorrow Brian Burke will finally cut the Cheese.  

We have heard surprisingly few legit rumours despite the fact that Brian Burke has been actively trying to improve the Leafs over the past few weeks. While we know that the Leafs are interested in Rick Nash the only name to surface as part of a package has been Jake Gardiner, and only because the Leafs have deemed him “untouchable”. The Leafs are playing their worst stretch of hockey in years and plenty of holes in the depth chart. Here is what I think happens tomorrow.

Let me start by making two things very clear:

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I have absolutely no insider knowledge.

I generally don’t like making predictions because they are most often wrong.

With those caveats in mind here are my Trade Deadline 2012 Predictions:

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I: The Leafs will hold onto their First Round Pick and could potentially add another.

 Given the way things have been going this season the pick could easily be a Top 10 selection. If I had to guess it would be somewhere between 10-15, but unless it’s a part of a package for an elite player, the Leafs will hold onto this one. Just too much risk involved in moving it. I also think that they can pry another first rounder away from a potential contender. Burke was able to add two last year by moving Versteeg and Kaberle, I think he can fetch another late 1st tomorrow.

II: Mikhail Grabovski is not going anywhere.

Despite contract negotiations being put on hold I think Burke believes they can come to terms with Grabbo before July 1st. Dealing Grabbo without a suitable replacement would be a huge blow to this team. If Burke wants to remain competitive next season he needs to keep Grabovski on board.

III: Colby Armstrong will be moved for a “prospect” or a pick.

For whatever reason several teams have expressed interest in Colby. Burke has the opportunity to get rid of a $3M press-box dwelling mistake. He’s gone by noon. 

IV: Joffery Lupul will remain a Maple Leaf.

Burke could have moved him in early February for a nice return, now he is more valuable to the team than the draft pick that he would garner.

V: Brian Burke won’t add a goalie.

Because of course he won’t. Unless it’s Nabokov and that’s pretty unlikely.  


VII: We’ll all be terribly disappointed.

What else did you expect?  

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Now you’re ready for 12 hours of non-stop deadline coverage. I’m glad I didn’t book the day off work. 

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