Trading A Lottery Pick For Jonathan Bernier Would Be Insane

Getting a good goaltender will go a long way toward fixing the confidence problem. It will be difficult because there will be no good free agents and it will probably cost that high first-round pick Leafs fans are expecting but it’s not impossible. Trading that pick for a good young goaltender such as Jonathan Bernier…


Good News for Leafs Fans who like Bad News:

TML? FML Who knew, but Clarke MacArthur is a member of Tank Nation. Last night’s home game against the visiting Flyers started off as strange as any lately, with a warmup shot from MacArthur going off the knee of Jonas Gustavsson, causing the goaltender to leave the game before the puck even dropped. The Leafs,…


Does AHL Success Translate Into NHL Success?

  As all Toronto fans are aware the Maple Leafs have recently been eliminated from playoff contention. Something that we all should be aware of though is that the Toronto Marlies have the sixth best point percentage in the AHL and second best in their conference. They are also heading into the Calder Cup Playoffs….


Who should you cheer for now, Leafs fans?

I have a theory about alternate universes. It’s sort of a combination of Stephen Hawking and Steven King. The short version is that they exist, and chances are, somewhere in one of them, the Leafs are going to win the Cup this year. In fact, there are so many alternate universes out there (10 to the power…


Spencer Abbott is why you can’t kill “Blue and White Disease”

Blue and White and the number 13, I love this kid already. The day after the Toronto Maple Leafs were officially eliminated from the playoffs for the 8th consecutive year they announced that they had signed University of Maine forward Spencer Abbott. The highly sought after 23 year old winger lead his team in scoring…


Tie Domi lashes out at “core” players

  The guys aren’t playing hard enough, and the Toronto Maple Leafs’ recent struggles can be attributed to a lack of atmosphere, both in the dressing room and at the Air Canada Centre, attests a chest-pounding Tie Domi.  It’s no secret that the first half of Toronto’s season was a bit of an illusion thanks…


The Magical Time Before The Instigator Rule

Show any hard hit on a star player, or any cheap shot, and someone is bound to talk about the need to dump the instigator rule. They may reference the magical time before the instigator rule was implemented, generally in a ‘back when men were men and rats were hunted down and killed’ sort of…


The Tank Canetinues

Fore More Years On the same night the Caps and Sabres were fighting over a position that the Leafs held onto firmly only seven weeks ago, the Leafs were engaged in a less momentous battle for 12th place. Or should I say battle for 13th place? While the bubble teams fight it out for 8th,…


Combing The Desert For Good Young Players

  Through the rough times that have been these past seven years, fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs have been forced to grasp at the straws for some traces of hope in an otherwise disappointing season. If the team is absolutely horrible, it’s only reasonable that we turn our focus from the failure of the group…


Should the Leafs employ a shootout specialist?

No. Oh, you want more? Ok. Bear with me because this is a very rudimentary statistical analysis, but it’s my first time with graphs and stuff. I don’t even know how many of them will make it into the post, but here we go!


Nation Radio – March 24, 2012

As the Oilers work to play spoiler in the final eighth of the season, other Canadian teams are still (fruitlessly?) battling to make the dance. Today on Nation Radio we talk prospects, junior hockey, Edmonton’s last gasp this season as well as the fading dreams of the Flames and Jets. This is Nation Radio.


Rangers fail to foil Leafs attempt to tank

…or something like that. My fiancée was watching Whitney, and somehow that was more compelling than the Leafs game tonight. Then because my laptop is from the mid-2000s, it crashed while trying to load some game video. Both of these events were more fulfilling than watching the Leafs tonight. Across the jump I will explain why.