Leafs Nation Podcast Number 5


This week’s podcast features Pension Plan Puppets leader and sometimes Leafs Nation contributor Chemmy. If you are looking for some feel-good trade deadline pump-uppery, this is not the place to find it. Danny Gray (affectionately known as Granny Day), Chemmy and myself have a pretty critical look at almost all angles of the Leafs’ current predicament.

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LN Podcast the Fifth

1. Did the Leafs "miss out" on Jeff Carter?
Interlude: "Long May You Love" by Jason Collett

2. To trade Grabovski (and canonizing Brian Burke)
Interlude: "Ragged Wood" by Fleet Foxes

3. Is Jack Johnson really that bad? Well, Scott Howson is, anyway.
Interlude: "Brainy" by The National

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4. The Leafs’ "D", and cap flexibility
Interlude: "Run (I’m A Natural Disaster)" by Gnarls Barkley

5. Ron Wilson needs to go
Interlude: "Future Primitive" by Papercuts

6. Reimer is an average goalie, and Gustavsson is a pumpkin
Outro: "Numb" by Portishead

Once again, thanks for listening! Please leave any comments or suggestions at the bottom!

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  • Leafs Nation Podcast

    Good stuff in here as usual.

    The section on the Senators had me wincing in agreement, if that makes any sense.

    You look at their roster, and that of Phoenix’s, for example and you wonder how they’re getting it done. Neither one of those teams are world beaters and you can make a case that both are demonstrably worse than the leafs on paper.

    But they don’t play on paper, they play on ice. And both those teams are going to make the playoffs AND somehow have better high-end young talent coming up through their system.

    It’s baffling and heart-breaking all at once.

    Goaltending is the big problem this year, but that doesn’t mask a lot of other bad things. OTher teams coaches and GMs are getting more out of less. Why aren’t we?

    I dunno but we haven’t since about 2003 and that just about makes me want to off myself.

  • SkinnyFish

    People always say that diehard Leafs fans bleed blue and white, but after listening to that podcast I slit my wrists and my blood was red. Does that mean I’m a Habs fan? I’m scared…..and light headed from all the blood loss.