The Toronto Maple Leafs’ inevitable regression

Back-track to February 8th. In analyzing the then-Toronto Maple Leafs’ chance at a playoff spot, I wrote the following on this blog: Should the shooting falter, I’m not convinced the team has the defense or goaltending to stay in a playoff spot. A commenter who went by the subtle handle of “advancedstatsareafraud”, more troll than…


Leafs lose Tuesday night game to Panthers

What’s a goalie? Last night the Leafs lost a game that they needed to win to keep any hope of making the playoffs alive. If you thought they were going to win that was pretty silly of you. Look, we all saw this coming. Or should have.


Brian Burke’s Bluster: Fans Booing

  Brian Burke is an outsized personality in a business in which the majority are content to hide any shred of personality behind rote answers to questions. Burke is always willing to make his point loudly and memorably. From "proper levels of pugnacity, testosterone, truculence, and belligerence" to his rant against the rats’ takeover of…


Goc-ha: Leafs fall to Panthers – Advanced boxscore

…welp. A brutal effort all around for the Toronto Maple Leafs, who didn’t muster any first period offense and were absolutely brutal on special teams leading to a 4-2 loss to the Florida Panthers that is pretty well the final nail in the coffin for their playoff hopes. I’m sure at this point in the…