Leafs Nation Podcast: Know Your Enemy


This week, the Leafs Nation podcast features Ellen Etchingham alongside myself (JP Nikota) and Danny Gray. Ellen is a wonderful writer from The Score’s Backhand Shelf who, unfortunately, has become a Habs fan.

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I’m not entirely sure, but I think that becoming a Habs fan midway through life is rather like a Spiderman backstory gone horribly wrong. A human is bitten by a radioactive spider, and, rather than gain super powers, a certain cerebral atrophy takes hold.

In all seriousness, if you haven’t read any of her work on the history of the game, please educate yourself now. She is undoubtedly one of my favourite new hockey bloggers, and a pleasure to have on our show.

Leafs Nation Podcast 8

1. Introduction to Ellen Etchingham
Interlude: "Luna" by Malajube (Might as well use a montréalais band for a Montreal fan…)

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2. Tanking and Randy Cunneyworth
Interlude: "Harmony In My Head" by The Buzzcocks

3. Dandy Carlyle’s Performance So Far
Interlude: "Crooked Gun" by The Japanese Motors

4. Which players would you like to see more of?
Interlude: "Monkey & Bear" by Joanna Newsom

5. Home Grown Players: We’d love some!
Interlude: "Apartment Story" by The National

6. So what do Habs fans have to look forward to?
Interlude: "Happiness Is A Warm Gun" by the Beatles (Hint, hint.)

7. Who to cheer for in the playoffs

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As usualy, please leave us some comments and feedback down below. Hope you enjoy!

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