Combing The Desert For Good Young Players


Through the rough times that have been these past seven years, fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs have been forced to grasp at the straws for some traces of hope in an otherwise disappointing season. If the team is absolutely horrible, it’s only reasonable that we turn our focus from the failure of the group to a few individual successes that make the wait for the playoffs (at least somewhat) bearable.

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This week, Danny Gray and I take a look at a few of the Leafs’ younger players, Carter Ashton, Matt Frattin, Nazem Kadri, and Cody Franson, to name a few, and assess what we’ve seen of them so far under new coach Randy Carlyle.


1. Intro + Unluck + Phil Kessel and the media
Interlude: "I’ll Bring The Sun" by Jason Collett

2. Carter Ashton
Interlude: "Kashmir" by Led Zepplin

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3. Matt Frattin
Interlude: "Les chemins de verre" par Karkwa

4. Nazem Kadri
Interlude: "Casse-cou" par Malajube

5. Cody Franson vs. Mike Komisarek + The Expendables

As usual, please leave any comments, questions, or suggestions at the bottom! 

Tune in next week, as we’ll be joined by The Goalie Guild’s Justin Goldman, for a chat about the Leafs’ goaltending, or lack thereof.

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