Should the Leafs target Linus Omark? (Yes) Will they? (No)

The Toronto Maple Leafs probably won’t be trading for Linus Omark at the NHL draft in June, although they probably should. There is a lot of dead weight on the roster and the third and fourth lines could probably use a massive shake-up. One of the guys who will be made available is probably going…

Free Agents: Alexander Semin, Washington Capitals

Despite a sixth consecutive season with more than 20 goals, 2011-12 was not a good year for talented Washington Capitals’ winger Alexander Semin. His 21-goals was a post-lockout low, his 54 points fell below expectations, and he was dogged by frequent criticism that he wasn’t giving it his all when he played.


Nation Radio – April 28, 2012

With Lowetide engaging in a hot air balloon race around the world this weekend (the queen herself shall drop the checkered flag!), OilersNation’s own Robin Brownlee took the wheel in LT’s stead. Joining him this Saturday were all manner of characters and celebrities, including David Staples, Jason Gregor and Oilers defenseman Ryan Whitney. Mr. Brownlee is…


Why An Amnesty Clause Makes Sense

Shawn Horcoff. Keith Ballard. Matt Stajan. Mike Komisarek. The list is a lot longer than that, but it sometimes feels like every team in the league has a player or two whose contracts they’d love to make disappear. That’s why some sort of amnesty buyout could be an appealing option when the NHL and NHLPA…


The dreaded UFA list

With a lot of negativity aimed at this year’s unrestricted free agent crop, you’d think I should name this article with the word "dreadful" instead of dreaded, but considering Burke’s UFA track record since joining the Leafs, I’ve come to fear July 1st, or as he likes to call it: "our draft."  It isn’t entirely on…


AHL vs. NHL Success: Years Three and Four

Is this a guy that can contribute with the Leafs next year? Photo Cred: Mike Ivall A few weeks ago I looked at the relationship between an AHL team’s success one year and their parent club’s success the next. If you read that piece you will know that there wasn’t a mathematical correlation. However, I did find that most…


Luongo Liability

Whether or not Brian Burke should trade for Roberto Luongo (or even Tim Thomas) is contingent on a number of issues that many, (including The Leafs Nation’s own John Lofranco) have already discussed. There are a number of potential wrinkles, from cap space, to the asking price, to what the Vancouver Canucks or Boston Bruins currently…


Tony Clement has reached a new low

    Who should I cheer for this time? Speaking of throwing up in your mouth, it seems as though Canadian politicians have embraced the 2012 Ottawa Senators as this years “Canada’s Team”. 


Gustavsson, Reimer and Scrivens; just the stats, sir

What follows is a dry look at three goaltenders for the Toronto Maple Leafs this past season. In no way am I caliming that any of the following information is predictive. All I can tell you is that it is reliable, and takes into account the three Leafs’ goaltenders over 81 games this season. Jussi…