Leafs Nation Podcast: Let’s Talk Goalies


We’ve all complained about the state of the Leafs’ post-lockout goaltending – and with good reason – but rarely do we get the chance to sit down and have a chat with an expert on the subject, and get a thorough evaluation of where the team is at on a player-by-player basis right down the depth chart.

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Justin Goldman of the Goalie Guild (@TheGoalieGuild) and Ian (@67Sound) joined me (@JPNikota) for this week’s podcast, and it was a dandy. Follow me over the jump for more.

Leafs Nation Podcast 10

We really did cram a lot into this Podcast, so I hope you enjoy it. As usual, please leave any comments, feedback, or other thoughts at the bottom.

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1. Bon Voyage, Jonas Gustavsson… Right?

Interlude: "We Used To Wait" by The Arcade Fire

2. Transitions: Henrik Lundqvist and the SEL

Interlude: "Don’t Let Me Down" by The Beatles

3. James Reimer’s Sophomore Slump

Interlude: "Wouldn’t It Be Nice" by The Beach Boys

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4. Rynnas, Scrivens, and Owuya + Is Allaire the right coach?

Interlude: "I’m A Loser" by The Beatles

5. Who To Bring In? Biron?

Interlude: "I Want To" by Best Coast

6. Leadership and Dion Phaneuf

Interlude: "Almost Crimes" by Broken Social Scene

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7. So how do we feel about Burke?

Interlude: "Trick Pony" by Charlotte Gainsbourg

8. The Draft Lottery


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