Leafs Nation Podcast: Let’s Talk Playoffs

Of course, ‘talking playoffs’ in Toronto means ‘talking Marlies’, which Danny Gray and I (JP Nikota) have brought Jeff Veillette (@Jeffler) in to talk about. 

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The Marlies are, as I write this, sitting tied for first in the Western Conference, and look to be in a great position to make a run at the Calder Cup. More good news? Reinforcements from the Leafs are on their way, and we have plenty of young performers champing at the bit.

Naturally, we discuss the first-round NHL playoff matchups and more, so follow me over the jump for some fun hockey talk. 

Leafs Nation Podcast 11

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1. (Current) Expectations of the Marlies
Interlude: "Run Run Run" by The Velvet Underground

2. Where will the Leafs’ call-ups fit in?
Interlude: "Northern Lights" by St. Vincent

3. Dallas Eakins… Are the Leafs missing out?
Interlude: "Cinderella" by The Sonics

4. Setting up the playoffs and which players could join the Leafs next season
Interlude: "Search and Destroy" by Iggy & The Stooges

5. What does Brian Burke do with his 5th overall pick?
Interlude: "Slap Dash For No Cash" by Art Brut

6. 1st Round Predictions + Who will be the next Ville Leino?

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