Tony Clement has reached a new low



Who should I cheer for this time?

Speaking of throwing up in your mouth, it seems as though Canadian politicians have embraced the 2012 Ottawa Senators as this years “Canada’s Team”. 

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There are many people who make the mistake of cheering for teams based solely on the fact that they play in a Canadian city; your mom, and your grandma most likely. They can be somewhat forgiven, they don’t really follow hockey and the only thing “the greatest generation” and baby boomers like more than mindless patriotism is refusing to retire from a job they are woefully under qualified for. But politicians, their shameless bandwagoning is pretty much the reason that voter turnout is at a record low. No politican has jumped ship more enthusiastically than Mr. Tony Clement.

Take a look at some of these tweets:


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I’m willing to overlook the alleged missapropriation of funds, misleading Parliament and spending millions of dollars in his own riding, but a Habs fan cheering for the Senators during the playoffs, I demand an inquiry.

We get it, you work in Ottawa, four or five of your constituents are probably Sens fans, but come on. One of the great things about following Mr. Clement on Twitter is that it showed he was more than a boring, pandering politicians.

Full disclosure, I often disagree with Mr. Clement and his party’s policies but his Twitter feed made him begrudgingly likeable. I mean the guy is one of the most powerful politicians in Canada and he tweets stuff like this:


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Sure he is a dirty Habs fan, but at least he was honest about it. He would never cheer for the Leafs to appeal to supporters in his riding. I can respect that. But nothing says “politician who will do anything to get elected” like bandwagoning during the playoffs.  

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