Franchise Relocations: More Common Than We Think

I should be straightforward and confess my bias right off the bat: I hope that the Phoenix Coyotes move to Québec City. I don’t care about the poor, suffering fans in Phoenix, I don’t care about ‘growing the game’, and I don’t care about the millionaires and/or billionaires that stand to lose from the Coyotes…


We’re All Marlies Fans Now

AHL PLAYOFFS!!1 Getting excited for the AHL playoffs as opposed to the NHL playoffs is like going from prime rib to, I don’t know, weird brother of prime rib. But as the Maple Leafs once again failed to qualify for the Stanley Cup playoffs here we are. While I don’t intend on buying a Marcel Meuller…


First Niagara. HSBC. Who Knows?

  BUFFALO, NY – APRIL 03: Matt Frattin #39 (C) of the Toronto Maple Leafs celebrates his first period goal against the Buffalo Sabres with teammates Phil Kessel #81 and Tyler Bozak #42 at First Niagara Center on April 3, 2012 in Buffalo, New York. (Photo by Bill Wippert/NHLI via Getty Images) The Maple Leafs…


Goaltender Independent +/- rates for the Leafs

Our friend @67sound, who is going by the name Ian these days, I guess, posted some numbers to his Twitter account about the Leafs’ defensive inefficiencies up front. Here’s a bit of a data dump for reference.


With average goaltending, the Leafs would have made the playoffs

Coming into this season, I don’t really fault Brian Burke for wanting to get a full year out of James Reimer. After all, his rookie season was very promising with a .933 save percentage off of 939 shots against at even strength. His overall save percentage dropped (.921) because the Leafs’ penalty kill was so…


Inside and out

As long as I’ve been a Leafs fan, I’ve yet to see things really spiral out of control the way they have this time around. I wasn’t exactly alive for the Ballard years, and in the late 90’s (when the team was sort of in reset-mode) I was a kid in junior high.  For the…


Brian Burke’s Only Problem Is Losing

There’s an old saying that goes something along the lines of ‘in the victor, all manner of errors are forgiven; in the loser, no imperfection ignored.’ I doubt that’s the exact line but the gist is there. It’s probably something that Brian Burke can relate to at this point.


Leafs Nation Podcast: Let’s Talk Goalies

  We’ve all complained about the state of the Leafs’ post-lockout goaltending – and with good reason – but rarely do we get the chance to sit down and have a chat with an expert on the subject, and get a thorough evaluation of where the team is at on a player-by-player basis right down…


Nation Radio – March 31, 2012

Because even Lowetide needs a break now and then, we decided to go with a bit of a "best of" clip show this week. Past segments featuring Sean Brown, Todd Nelson and Skip Krake are included. Fret not folks, LT will be back soon to talk about the MPS recall fiasco (amongst other things)… This is…