It’s Official: The Maple Leafs will appear on HBO’s 24/7


Oh baby. 

Puck Daddy reported earlier today that HBO 24/7 featuring The Toronto Maple Leafs and Detroit Red Wings is totally, actually happening. SQUEEEEEEEEEE. For all the nuts and bolts about the announcement, and the new role the NHL’s own production company will play head on over there. For my thoughts on what we can look forward to from our Toronto Maple Leafs follow the jump.

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Despite all the media coverage that the Maple Leafs receive, I still know very little about what happens behind the scenes. When I sat in the Platinum section I got to see the dressing room and the doorway to the parking garage that all the players take, and Nikolai Kulemin, but that was about it. So, needless to say, I’m excited. Here’s what I’m looking forward to the most:


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Brian Burke, the man, the myth, the legend:

There may not be a more quotable man in hockey than Brian Burke. He’s going to get some screen time, and for the first time ever we’re going to get to see how he works behind the scenes. Maybe we’ll even get to see that league-wide depth chart at the Mastercard Center.



SPOILER: It just says DUSTIN PENNER 1000 times. 


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Lupul, Grabbo, and Armstrong:

One of the best things about the previous 24/7s is that they’ve showcased some of the more colourful personalities around the league. We already know these three are hilarious. I’m excited to see who else will stand out? My sleeper pick, J.M. Lilfes. 



How Will The Leafs Be Presented:


For the past few seasons the Leafs have been….not good. How will HBO present the team? A once proud franchise struggling to re-build? A young team under tremendous pressure and expectation? A truculent bunch of good old boys lead by Brian Burke and Randy Carlyle? Aside from the Habs, no other team in the NHL has as much history to draw from as the Leafs. Will HBO focus on what once was, or what could be?  How soon into the series will we hear that the Leafs have not won the Cup since 1967? I’ll put money on the first minute. 


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Xs and Os:

I’m curious to see how the team prepares off the ice, how the coach interacts with the players, how the GM interacts with the coaching staff. Which player works the hardest in practice? What games or traditions does the team have? And what about the Front Office staff, will we finally find out exactly Rick Dudley does? Will Cliff Fletcher fall asleep on camera?


I have SO many questions! I can’t wait until they are answered. 


What are you looking forward to?

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