Cam Charron Takes Over Leafs Nation

So just over a year ago, Cam Charron was happily writing about hockey and other stuff on his personal blog. Then we came along with a modest proposal and an even more modest bribe and asked him if we wanted to contribute to our happy little network. Since then, he’s done work for Canucks Army, NHLNumbers, The Vancouver Province and Backhand Shelf.

Having become more and more important over the last 12-months or so, Cam called us up around the end of the season and told us he was moving to Toronto from his home in Kamloops so he could know what it felt like to be in the center of universe. He didn’t say "so take this job and shove it!", but I assume he wanted to.

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"Don’t we have a blog in Toronto?" Wanye asked me.

"Probably." I replied.

"And Cam’s moving there?"

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"So that means…that means…uh…"

"Take your time."

Eventually we came to the conclusion that Cam was the guy to take over TLN and take it over the top, the same way Thom Drance has for Canucks Army. Our Toronto guys including JP NIkota and Danny Gray have done a bang-up job this last season, but we figure it’s time to get someone in there who will make a lot of people angry and start long flame wars in the comment section.

That someone is Cam Charron.

So welcome aboard Cam. Your mission is a challenging one, but we think you’re the right agent for this assignment.

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