How about Mikhail Grabovski with Phil Kessel?

For some time I have yet to figure out why Phil Kessel and Mikhail Grabovski don’t see too much time together. I’ve posited the question before, and the common belief seems to be that you can’t have two people carry the puck through the neutral zone. It represents the talents of both players, and that’s…


More GMs should spend July 1st out of the office

Brian Burke seen here ruining the Toronto Maple Leafs, apparently. For the second consecutive year Brian Burke spent July 1st away from the office. And for the second consecutive year he did not sign any terrible contracts for players who did not deserve them. I think the two are related.


Traditional measures, advanced measures, Alexander Semin

  One of our NHL Numbers writers, Rob Pettapiece, made an excellent point last week. In the early days of baseball, before player production was boiled down to digestible statistics, it wasn’t like managers were overlooking basic attributes a successful player has. The ability to get on base and to hit for power had always…