VIDEO POST!!! Yay or Nay for Bernier, Luongo, Reimer

With all the talk surrounding Jonathan Bernier or Roberto Luongo coming to the Maple Leafs, Cam Charron and Steve Dangle teamed up Wednesday morning to shoot a video together to discuss the situation. Among the topics covered were Bernier and Luongo in some depth, along with the unpredictability of goaltenders and why James Reimer has to be the guy in Toronto.

Follow us past the jump for the video.


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Cam references a couple of pages. This is the post from Pension Plan Puppets, and this is the page from Hockey Reference he pulled up. Jonathan Quick’s save percentage after 47 games was .911. Bernier’s is .910.

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  • Derek Yundt

    I believe in James Reimer. However, he needs help. Unfortunately, Ben Scrivens being promoted to the NHL, as good as Scrivs is and was in the Marlies playoff run, isnt the right kind of help.

    Anyone who watches with an open mind, can tell you there was a difference between Reimer/Giggy, and Reimer/Gus. The Reimer Gus tandem was shaky, unsolid, and very unsure. Unless you have a goalie like Price who doesnt care and nothing seems to phase him, and can learn his own way, you need some mentor-ship, some stability to fall back on, and that experience to give a young goalie confidence when he talks to them on the bench after a bad goal, or bad period.

    Get Reimer a decent, experienced backup for one or two seasons, (should have been done 2 seasons ago IMO!) (Id have paid Giggy 1 million in a heartbeat to play 30-35 games and mentor Reimer) and let the kid play! Keep pansies like Gionta from snapping his neck and we can see some hope and success next season. 2 good runs followed by failure on our young team, is experience they needed to keep it together the next time things get hard.

    My vote is for signing or trading for capable backup. Leave Vancouver to their wildfire of drama they created with Luongo, and Bernier will end up wherever pays LA the most in assets.

  • I completely agree, Reimer is the man and I’m going to stick by it no matter. Last season was a shambles for him – but I’m confident he’ll shake it off. So confident I proudly wear a Reimer jersey (in a country where nobody knows the Leafs let alone Reimer… but I digress). It makes me nervous sitting round hoping Burke doesn’t do something stupid. If anything an older guy to mentor Reimer through the tough times (although why can’t the coaches do this?) is all I would see happen. Anything else will make me sad. BTW Steve that figurine, only $60CAD? Good buy :p

  • This is a false question and a false choice.

    A better debate is why has Burke painted himself into a corner after years of poor goaltending choices and decisions. This is nothing new – look at Burke’s track record in Vancouver with goaltending.

    Let’s all stop asking dumb questions about choosing between which inexperienced rookie NHL goaltender is better.

    Instead starting asking smarter questions – like why are leafs in a situation with no clear #1 goaltender starter after four years under Burke. Why did the leafs not move aggressively to sign Theodore, Vokonun or Halak. Face it – Burke does not want to fix goaltending or he is just as clueless an unable to find a solution as was the case in Vancouver.

    • Because Theodore isn’t a goalie you build a team around. Because Vokoun isn’t a goalie you build a team around. Because you don’t trade a potentially elite starting goaltender to a divisional rival. You’re Montreal – would you do that?

      Isn’t it a better to ask questions about the present and future rather than the past, a thing you can’t change?

  • Eli York

    I’m for Reimer, I’m interested in what Scrivens might be able to accomplish and I alo think that having an extra alterntive in Jonathon Bernier, can only be a good and a safe thing to do. But in any case, “Burkie are you listening”, DO NOT trade away anything for Luongo, unless you are dumping your own bad salaries with it.
    And people, stop bashing Burke. He’s on the right track. It’s just taking a little longer than originally planned. Has everything in YOUR lives always worked out perfectly. I rest my case.

  • Eli York

    And I suppose Giguere is a goalie that you build around.

    At least try to be objective here. Burke has failed around goaltending just like he did in Vancouver.

    • I don’t recall ever mentioning Giguere, but thank you. He traded Toskala (who I believe YOU mentioned) and Jason Blake. Giguere helped develop Reimer and then came off the books, while Toskala was dumped and Jason Blake was miraculously dealt.

      If we’re talking about objectivity here, I’m coming into this being open-minded about Burke sucking. Believe me, I disagree with some of his decisions. You, however, and coming into this only wanting to dump on the guy. If you want to have a debate, let’s have a debate, but I ain’t screaming at a wall.

  • I’m not dumping on Burke as I like some of the moves he made elsewhere on the team – building up the top 6 for example. My point is around goaltending he has royally muffed it up for 4 years and looks as credible as JFJ going with Pogge as the goaltender of the future.

    And I’m am pissed (not at you) that the leafs are in a position after 4 year that we are discussing bringing in another unproven inexperienced goalie.
    This is a ridiculous position for this team to be in after 4 year. And this looks like Toskala/Raycroft all over and not a GM who has a credible plan so goaltending.