My Favourite CBC Hockey Night In Canada Montages

It’s August 3. We all miss hockey. It’s the Friday of a long weekend so you weren’t going to do any work today anyway. Let’s watch some hockey montages. Here are my favourite CBC Pre-Game Montages in no particular order:

2011 Stanley Cup Finals Game 1-

Recently CBC has made a habit of using music you normally wouldn’t expect to hear in a highlight package. The best example is this video from Game 1 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Final. At the time Rolling in the deep by Adele was ubiquitous, but I still got chills watching it the first time. I’ve watched this one about 10 or 20 times since.  

2010 Stanley Cup Finals Closing Montage-

I’m not sure when this tradition started, but this was the first one I can remember and it still sticks out to me as the best one. Again hearing a song you don’t normally expect to hear makes this videos for me. “Time is never time at all. You can never ever leave without leaving a piece of youth. And our lives are forever changed” He wasn’t talking about the NHL playoffs, but he may as well have been.

Also, if you don’t get goosebumps at Bob Cole saying “This is hockey, baby. This is the playoffs” you’re dead to me.

Exploratory Footnote: The guy who makes these is on twitter you can follow him @b0undless. He asked people what songs they would like to see and I suggested two that I’ve always wanted to see used. He told me that he had actually requested both songs but the artists (Florence and The Machine, and The Arcade Fire) said no. You’ve got to work with what you got.

2002 Maple Leafs vs. Senators Game 7-

Yeah yeah we have to go back to a time when The Offspring were relevant to find a Leafs playoff montage. Cram it. This one is awesome. I can still remember watching this and then going to KaZaa to download the song using my dial-up modem.
A few thoughts:

Those early 2000s jerseys ruled. I have a blank one that I wear when I play shinny.

Darcy Tucker used to be good.

Oh man, Jonas Hoglund.

Was there ever a lot of obstruction and elbows in the early 2000s.

I counted like five players wearing visors back then. I believe this was after Berard was almost blinded. Way to go NHL.

I miss Curtis Joseph.

2004 Leafs vs. Sens Game 7-

Two years later and the same result. The Leafs beat the Sens in Game 7 to advance and then it all went blurry for the past 8 years. I never watched this intro. I was in Grade 13 at the time and working as a dishwasher in a restaurant called “The Little Beaver” yes, I know. So I was at work. We didn’t have cell phones back then so I had to keep calling my buddy and asking him the score. My shift ended mid-way through the first period though so I did get home in time to see Lalime singlehandedly lose the game for the Sens. In my mind that is how the 2004 playoffs ended.

It’s August and the pre-season is just around the corner. Lord help us if there is a lockout.

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  • Jess Taylor

    I’m really easy to please when it comes to CBC montages. I’ve liked most of the one I’ve seen. But that 2010 closer is by far my favorite. Nothing else is even close. It’s a reliable bad day pick-me-up even now.

    Other standouts, hm. This year’s SCF Game 6, which was done to Metric’s “Help I’m Alive.” The “Californication” one from Game 3 was good too. The Game 6 one from 2010 done to “How Do You Like Me Now?” was hilarious, because it’s, like, 75% Byfuglien squashing dudes. Very smirky by CBC, that one. I can’t remember which game it was, but there was one from the Bruins/Canucks series done to Ron Sexsmith’s “There’s a Rhythm,” really good and an interesting choice. Hm, I can’t really remember ones before 2010 (gettin’ old). Oh darn, an excuse to go hunting…