Leafs Nation Podcast: How Do You Solve A Problem Like Brian?

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What with François Allaire’s recent comments about interference with his work, and Brian Burke’s subsequent ruffling of feathers, fellow Pension Plan Puppeteer SkinnyFish (@SkinnyPPPhish), fellow TLNer Gus Katsaros (@KatsHockey) and I decided it was high time to look at Brian Burke’s work so far with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

I think Skinny has an interesting solution to the Brian Burke problem, and Gus has some really good retrospective perspective.

Leafs Nation Podcast 24

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  • Pokelson

    Burke joined the leafs in Nov 28 2008. Burke’s first year could really argued a bye because he didn’t have the previous off season to build the team. If you recall Fletcher was trading for Stempeniak and creating other disasters that needed to be cleaned up. Burke’s time as GM is more like 3 + plus years rather than 5 years.

    • SkinnyFish

      Didn’t say he’s been here 5 years. Said he’s been here almost 4 and going on a 5th season. But who cares about the semantics, that’s not what we were discussing.