Paul Ranger places #1 on Dallas Eakins’ fitness test


No, I don’t particularly know what this means, anything other than Paul Ranger spent the majority of his time off from hockey getting jacked.

Whatever happened for Ranger when he was off from hockey, or why he left, is elementary at this point, but it’s the sort of story that a storytelling media will eat up—Ranger is a Good Ontario Boy™ with roots in the GTHL and has even coached in his hometown Whitby. His departure from the NHL was strange, and mainly because he was really, really good.

Eakins’ fitness tests seem rather vague. I haven’t had the opportunity yet to ask exactly what they consist of or what they tell about a player’s future performance. Paul Ranger becoming a top AHL defenceman is obviously preferable to him not, but fitting within the scope of Eakins’ fitness expectations isn’t the measuring stick.

I will say, good on the majority of the local media for not going to town on Nazem Kadri yesterday after Eakins said some disparaging things about his body fat and dietary issues. The next step is not buying too much into the Ranger hype until he’s done something on the ice to prove whether Eakins’ tests are worth anything or not.

Ranger’s return has the makings of a good story, but it ain’t done yet.


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  • FlareKnight

    Yeah, certainly not the time to be getting too excited. Still with this and the interview he gave on, you really want him to be successful with this return to hockey.

    Just sounds like a guy glad to be back and wanting to do the best he can out there.

    The key will be what he does on the ice, but at least sounds like he has the will to succeed.