Leafs Draft Pick Transactions

From the 2009 draft through 2012, the Leafs made 14 of 29 selections in NHL Entry Drafts that were their own. That means, 15 picks were acquired, whether it was for a player, or just as a strategy to move up in the draft order.

I’ve been going over transactions over the Brian Burke regime. There’s too much for just one post, so I’ll break it up in two with an introduction here and get more in depth later this week.

This post will focus on the Maple Leafs draft pick transactions since November 29, 2008, the date Burke took over the team.

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An interesting finding was that league-wide, from the period Burke took over as GM of the Leafs, the Ducks have made the most trades with 57.

Toronto accounted for an NHL high 11 deals with Anaheim, or 19% of the Ducks total trades.

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For Toronto, who made 42 deals overall, over one-quarter of them (26%) involved Anaheim.

Other notable numbers in that time period include the Canucks and Panthers as trade partners six times (30% of Vancouver’s total trades 6-of-20), while the Rangers and Coyotes made five deals.

Burke stayed low key and just added a pair of 2nd round picks from trading away roster players in the first draft, but after that year, beginning with the Phil Kessel trade, Toronto used only two of their own draft picks and made selections on five acquired selections.

Out of the 42 trades, 20 revolved around—or included—a draft pick, with one forfeited during the Jonas Frogren contract fiasco.

Five deals between the Leafs and Ducks involved acquiring a draft pick from Anaheim.

Below are all the Leafs draft picks under Burke’s watch with a short description of any trade scenarios to acquire that pick.

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Where a description appears, but the pick is blank, that signifies trading away of that pick altogether without replacing it.

Data provided by Pro Sports Transaction 

Date Draft Pick Round (#) Date Acquired traded away team
6/26/2009 Nazem Kadri 1st  (#7)        
6/27/2009 Kenny Ryan 2nd  (#50) 3/4/2009 2009 2nd (#50-Kenny Ryan), 2010 conditional 4th  Nik Antropov Rangers
6/27/2009 Jesse Blacker 2nd  (#58) 3/4/2009 2009 2nd (#59-Jesse Blacker) Dominic Moore Sabres
6/27/2009 Jamie Devane 3rd  (#68)        
6/27/2009 Eric Knodel 5th  (#127)        
6/27/2009 Jerry D’Amigo 6th  (#157)        
6/27/2009 Barron Smith 7th  (#187)        
      9/18/2009 rights to Phil Kessel 2010 1st (#2-Tyler Seguin), 2nd (#32-Jared Knight) Bruins
6/26/2010 Brad Ross 2nd  (#43) 6/26/2010 2010 2nd (#43-Brad Ross) Jimmy Hayes Blackhawks
6/26/2010 Greg Mckegg 3rd  (#62)        
6/26/2010 Sondre Olden 3rd  (#79) 6/26/2010 2010 3rd (#79-Sondre Olden) 2012 3rd (#66-Jimmy Vesey) Kings
6/26/2010 Petter Granberg 4th  (#116) 6/26/2010 2010 4th (#116-Petter Granberg), 5th (#146-Daniel Brodin) 2010 4th  #112-Philipp Grubauer) Capitals
6/26/2010 Sam Carrick 5th  (#144) 3/3/2010 2010 5th (#144-Sam Carrick) Martin Skoula Devils
6/26/2010 Daniel Brodin 5th  (#146) 6/26/2010 2010 4th (#116-Petter Granberg), 5th (#146-Daniel Brodin) 2010 4th  #112-Philipp Grubauer) Capitals
      3/3/2010 Chris Peluso 2010 6th (#152-Joe Rogalski) Penguins
6/26/2010 Josh Nicholls 7th  (#182)        
      6/26/2010 2011 sixth (#151-David Broll) 2010 7th (#202-Kellen Jones) Oilers
      9/18/2009 rights to Phil Kessel 2011 1st (#9-Dougie Hamilton) Bruins
6/24/2011 Tyler Biggs 1st  (#22) 6/24/2011 2011 1st (#22-Tyler Biggs) 2011 1st (#30-Rickard Rakell), 2nd (#39-John Gibson) Ducks
6/24/2011 Stuart Percy 1st  (#25) 2/14/2011 2011 1st (#25-Stuart Percy), 2011 3rd (#85-Josh Leivo) Kris Versteeg Flyers
6/25/2011 Josh Leivo 3rd  (#85) 2/14/2011 2011 1st (#25-Stuart Percy), 2011 3rd (#85-Josh Leivo) Kris Versteeg Flyers
6/25/2011 Tom Nilsson 4th  (#99)        
6/25/2011 Tony Cameranesi 5th  (#129)        
6/25/2011 David Broll 6th  (#151) 6/26/2010 2011 6th (#151-David Broll) 2010 7th (#202-Kellen Jones) Oilers
6/25/2011 Dennis Robertson 6th  (#172) 8/10/2009 2011 6th (#172-Dennis Robertson) Justin Pogge Ducks
6/25/2011 Garret Sparks 7th  (#189)        
6/25/2011 Max Everson 7th  (#202) 3/3/2010 2011 7th (#202-Max Everson) Joey MacDonald Ducks
6/22/2012 Morgan Rielly 1st  (#5)        
6/23/2012 Matthew Finn 2nd  (#35)        
      6/24/2011 John-Michael Liles 2012 2nd (#54-Mike Winther) Avalanche
      6/26/2010 2010 3rd (#79-Sondre Olden) 2012 3rd (#66-Jimmy Vesey) Kings
      10/4/2011 David Steckel 2012 4th (#96-Ben Thomson) Devils
6/23/2012 Dominic Toninato 5th  (#126)        
6/23/2012 Connor Brown 6th  (#156)        
6/23/2012 Ryan Rupert 6th  (#157) 6/25/2011 2012 6th (#157-Ryan Rupert) 2011 6th (#159-Josh Manson) Ducks
6/23/2012 Viktor Loov 7th  (#209) 2/28/2011 2012 7th (#209-Viktor Loov) John Mitchell Rangers

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