Dangle’s Cards: Are the Red Wings ever gonna suck?

Detroit is one of the NHL’s last true dynasties. Will it ever stop?
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  • FlareKnight

    I may just have to say never. If there is anything reliable when it comes to hockey it’s the Wings being successful. Even if they do miss the playoffs at some point, I don’t think it’ll take them long to bounce back. Draft smart even with late picks and they have the Red Wings label that helps get them discounts (not all the time, but plenty of times).

  • htboston

    Hmm when will they suck? maybe in another 10 years? Wait. No. They will never suck. It “Hockey Town” They will find a way every year to improve and win the cup. Detroit is never going away.

  • I think the Wings will take a step back this year with that mediocre D, but I fully expect them to be a playoff team. The only way I see them NOT being a playoff team in the near future is if their core players are out with injuries for too long. In other words, it will take flukes to make the Wings suck.

  • Détroit du Kat

    With the departure of Lidstrom and a few other greats the past few years, I’d say if they don’t maintain the blue line they could go down in a matter of a few seasons.
    Here’s is why I believe this: If the “new” NHL is meant for more scoring, use that to your advantage. Let the offense score more, but make sure you have fewer goals against you. I feel recently, the Wings have less and less shutouts and one goal games as they once did– and a lot of other teams have picked up on offense at the same time. If The Wings want to stay in the game, they need to keep the veterans up to par and get a good set of young defense-men for the future.

  • Rio

    The with Lilndtrom gone, they still have Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Howard, Franzen, and Kronwall on the blue line. That being said, they are all getting older, and I’d give it 2-3 more years until they decide to go on a rebuild. The Howard card would be great please. We still have the marlies so GO MARLIES GO!

  • Zero_MH

    As a Wings fan, I hope it is never, realistically I believe the end is near. Datsyuk is getting old, zetterberg is becoming less productive and they lost their cornerstone Nick Lidstrom. There are numerous variables in this equation, how do their prospects/draft picks turn out ( it’s worked out well the last 20 yrs), can Babcock & Holland keep this team on the right track and stay competitive? It’s all up in the air. I’d say their reign comes to an end within a few years, yet again people have been calling them old and predicting the fall of the wings since Yzermam retired, and I’d say they have done pretty well since 2006 (even though that year was a colossal fail in the playoffs) But one thing is for sure, living in Windsor, surrounded by Leaf fans(and other Wings fans, Obvs), success sure does breed hate. Or should I say jealousy.
    I’d give them 5 years MAX

  • Zero_MH

    Hopefully I’ll take my Jimmy Howard Rookie card with this answer….

    This is the biggest question we as Wings fans face right now. It’s my belief that the Wings will miss the playoffs soon if 1.)The defense doesn’t hold steady and 2.) The young guns don’t contribute enough. This has been a problem for quite some time. It could be next season, or it could be the year after Pavel Datsyuk retires or Zetterberg or Babcock leaves. There really is no 100% answer to this question. We have the very last pick in the NHL draft playing D for us as a steady player…. that should say something about development. We take our young guys very seriously and will hold them in the AHL as long as it takes to get them to a level where they can at least be serviceable. This is something I don’t always see in other clubs. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me @JHowardDesign on twitter. I don’t know it all, but maybe I can give you some perspective from someone in the D. Also, this lockout BLOWS.

  • Zero_MH

    Honestly, since they have Scotty Bowman behind the scenes still with his advice, I’m going to say once bowman retires from the game period in every way, then Detroit perhaps may start to fall apart.

    • Zero_MH

      You do realize Bowman’s with his son in Chicago… right?

      “In July 2008, he took a position as Senior Advisor of Hockey Operations for the Chicago Blackhawks to work along side his son Stan Bowman, who is the General Manager.”- From Chicago Blackhawks News July 31, 2008

      Holland and company is responsible for the prolonged success. They would rather be ultraconservative when choosing NHL players but go wild in the draft. They do their homework and comb the world for any advantage. It’s been long enough that I think we can give the Wings organization without Bowman some serious props.