James Reimer on ice with Vancouver Canucks

Is there a trade imminent???

Although Brad Ziemer and Ben Kuzma are two totally different people, they have similar sounding names and thus easy to mix up. However, they work for competing news outlets and both have independently reported that James Reimer is practicing with the Vancouver Canucks at UBC.

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What does it all mean?

There are logical explanations for this. The first is that Reimer is participating in Kevin Bieksa’s “Bieksa Buddies” charity game this week. The second is that Reimer might have some family out west, and told the Winnipeg Free Press at the beginning of October that he didn’t have much to do except hang out, which is a pretty cool way to spend the lockout (and something I wish I was doing more).

The third explanation, and, pardon me if I didn’t shave with Occam’s Razor this morning, is that there was an agreement in place to send Roberto Luongo to Toronto in exchange for James Reimer at some point in time this summer, but the deal was held off on to see what the new salary cap would look like. One of the pieces involves Vancouver acquiring Reimer, and he’s getting used to his new digs under the guise of working out with fellow players in advance of a charity game.

But, boy, I see right through that ruse.

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via PPP

UPDATE – There he is! Via Vancouver’s James Mirtle David Ebner:

This week is “build your own conspiracy week” here at TLN, by the way.

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