Is November 2nd going to be the NHL’s starting date?

Let me know and you could win an autographed Cam Atkinson rookie card or a John Carlson rookie card.

  • maggiesueee

    I’m not very optimistic on the November 2nd start. Best case scenario, I see the season opening near the end of November with a 72 game schedule or something like that OR they cancel it into January and hope they salvage all-star weekend. Again, I’m not to positive on either of these..

  • ASblendorio71

    I don’t think they’ll come to agreement till half way through I think we’ll get like a 50 game season and maybe that’s good for leaf fans bcuz we might have that good winning streak going on for a month or two haha… Never thought about that HBO series I completely forgot and to be honest that just made me sad lmao

  • DGal5

    I think it will be saved. with 3 offers fehr threw at betman. I think fehr will feel gary out a bit more all squeeze every penny out of gary to save money for the players. They both know what they want and i think here soon they will combine ideas and make a cba everyone can live with!!!!

  • JamesBowdring

    The NHL said that if the games were to start November second will be the latest. Now November second is our only hope for a season to start. As much as I hate to say it, I don’t think the season will start on an 82 game schedule, but maybe they can do what they did in ’94 and go for a shorter season.


  • Seriously_Ref

    I just don’t see the season starting before November 2nd. The owners and the players disagree on far too many things and have waited too long to start seriously negotiating a deal. Both sides are committed to standing pat and this process is only really beginning now. And btw Steve, you should just mail Lambert the Atkinson card, he doesn’t deserve Carlson :p

  • JamesBowdring

    I don’t the the NHL will be able to squeeze in the 82 games it’s supposed to be. I think the NHL will start it’s season on Winter Classic. Not necasarilly meaning that they won’t come to an agreement with the CBA a couple weeks before then. But I think they will come to an agreement in about a month. It just takes a long time to prep for the Winter Classic and I think it will a good way to kickstart the NHL season since all the fans are hibernating right now.

  • DanMan42

    I don’t think the NHL will resume play on November 2. With the NHLPA’s response to the NHL’s offer I think if we get a season it will start with the Winter Classic, and a shortened season. If the NHL doesn’t start by January 1, the seasons a loss.

  • JamesBowdring

    I remember watching an interview of Crosby when he was about 15 years old and he said that “It would be a dream to play in the NHL because I would be doing something I love and getting payed for something I would do for free”… (not an exact quote) This isn’t a shot at Crosby, he’s one of the best no doubt but I’m sure every player in the NHL thinking back to their childhood would play for free if it mean’t playing in the NHL… myself included. But we see how greed manipulates many people, not only the NHL but the NHLPA as well. Fans provide 100% of the proceeds and we don’t get a seat at the table. It’s kinda shameful. Now to Steve’s question. In a perfect world, the NHL will start on November 2nd but in reality, I can’t see it happening because both sides probably won’t come to an agreement in such a short amount of time. I really hope they save the season. I pray every night, but the fans don’t mean as much to the NHL as their wallets.

  • MapleLeafsLoverSadly

    its not happening maybe by mid November early December but anything after that and hbo will drop there deal with the NHL and if they cant get it going by january 1st i doubt we will see another winter clasic in 2014.