Dangle’s Cards: Who’s the MVP?

Who would (or will be?) be this NHL season’s MVP?

Click "Read Artcle" to watch the video, answer the question, and you could win one of two game-used jersey cards of Danny Briere or Steve Mason! (One of which probably isn’t the MVP)

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  • Rio

    I’m going to have to agree with you and say Stamkos. This good ol’ Ontario boy put that entire team on his back. Terrible on the blue line and in net, and without Stamkos in the line up, it would be a guarantee that the bolts wouldn’t have even won a fraction of the games they did.

    By the way, the Briere card looks great!

  • hillman811

    Top 3 Candidateswould be The King Lundquvist, Malkin, and Giroux all will have monster years but I believe this is the year Claude Giroux breaks through the shadow of Sid, Geno, Stamkos and he’ll win the MVP

  • Hmmm…MVP? Like you said, I think without a doubt Steven Stamkos. I mean, lets face it, the lightning would be waaaaaaay worse without him. Kid is absolutely ridiculous. I could easily see him getting league MVP.

  • JamesBowdring

    I believe that the hart winner for this season (if there even is one) would possibly be Malkin again. How can this guy not be at the top of the list. Without Crosby this man was an absolute BEAST and with Crosby on the team as well that can only mean bigger and better things for Gino! Stamkos is going to be a strong contestant as well so who knows! If you would like to bet on who’s winning the Pavel Datsyuk trophy… I mean Frank J Selke trophy imma take The man with the magic hangs Pavel D baby!!