It’s funny how a protracted labour dispute in the NHL will put a damper on an NHL blogging Network. Assuming you define "funny" as brainshatteringly annoying. Who wouldn’t want to read an up tempo article like that right?!


Good NBC program is on hiatus

Hm, an NBC property with a highly-dedicated, yet small, fan base didn’t start up this fall as was expected. Instead, they’re showing, well, who knows, because who watches NBC? How many people have that channel saved in their favourites or bother to record anything on that channel? Nobody, that’s who.


Point Projections: Defensemen

Every year we project how many points each of the players will score using a couple of different statistical methods, and why should a potential lockout season be any different? If you’re just tuning in, we explained our methodology in more detail in our first piece, which covered the top-six forwards.  This time we’ll cover…


 After a lockout wiped out the 2004/2005 season the NHL had to come up with a plan on how to decide the draft order for the "Sidney Sweepstakes." Sidney Crosby had been heralded as the #1 choice for the 2005 draft since he was 14 years old, and now the NHL had the dubious task…


KHL Highlights – Because What Else are you gonna watch?

  Howdy y’all! Here’s today’s KHL action featuring great goals and saves as usual. You might notice we’re missing one game, and that would be CKSA Moscow (Datsyuk, Grabovski, Bryzgalov, Radulov) vs Lev Prague (Zdeno Chara). We’re still working on that one. We’ll include that in this post as soon as we’re done! Enjoy


Marlies Schedules and 3-in-3 Sets

Five games into the 2012-13 season, and the Toronto Marlies have completed their first three-games-in-three nights sets. They line up six times over the season in 3-in-3 sets, a fairly low number when considering the Providence Bruins play an AHL high 17 sets, while their provincial rivals, Hamilton Bulldogs, in a league low, four – all…


VIDEO – Watch Morgan Rielly’s insane end-to-end goal from last night

Via Youtube user anton1987 comes a blurry video of Morgan “I Before E” Rielly’s insane end-to-end goal against the Lethbridge Hurricanes last night. Not sure if you’ve heard, but Rielly has put up some huge offensive numbers in the WHL this year, the fall after being taken No. 5 overall by the Toronto Maple Leafs.


NHL Lockout Will End When Greed Finally Takes Over

Contrary to popular belief, greed has not been the driving force behind the NHL lockout. No. To date, it’s just been business. And in business, you exploit your position to extract the maximum profits the market will bear. You do this either by squeezing out the competition so you have free reign to raise prices, or…


Jake Gardiner and the “Mikhail Grabovski Expectation”

Something different. The chart after the jump will be something called “The Mikhail Grabovski expectation”. It comes from a few days of sleuthing around every single Jake Gardiner statistic I could find, looking for some kind of lead, or some kind of reasonable explanation for why a plus-Corsi defenceman on a minus-possession team like the…