Gary Machiavelli

With the failure of mediation, the NHL has seemingly gone for a ‘Hail Mary’ move: asking for a direct meeting between owners and players without the presence of the leadership of either side. What should we make of this request?


Who are the top goalies in the NHL?

There’s a debate on Twitter right now (Friday afternoon), taking place between a few Leafs fans about where Roberto Luongo ranks among the top goalies in the NHL. Why not do some math? I think it’s worth looking at Luongo versus other top goaltenders. He still has four or five healthy good years in him…


Mediocre Marlies November

Coach Dallas Eakins spoke about the annual extended November road trip in a recent interview after practice setting up a three games in three nights stretch to close off a mixed month of results. November is typically when the Marlies embark on what in essence becomes a month long road trip, living out of a…



With every blessed day that the Lockout drags on, your ol’ pal Wanye is pushed further from home in the vain attempt to forget about the NHL and the beloved Edmonton Oilers. Today his sobering musings come from San Francisco. Also he is speaking in the fourth person, which has to be some sort of…


So what’s a billion dollars anyway?

  As it turns out, Forbes Magazine is reporting the Toronto Maple Leafs are worth one billion dollars. That is several dollars. Forbes Magazine says the Toronto Maple Leafs are worth one billion dollars. That’s about 4,612,546,130 waffles. — Steve Dangle Glynn (@Steve_Dangle) November 29, 2012 So how much is a billion anyway? Well, using…


KHL: Kovalchuk outdone, Slovan shutout, and Red Army rolls

  Hey look! Fans cheering for hockey. I remember that. Here are today’s KHL highlights. SOme pretty notable games are missing. For example, we didn’t do packs for Yakupov’s team Neftekhimik, Malkin’s team Magnitogorsk, Lupul’s team Avtomobilist, etc, etc. There was a technical issue, but we still managed to make highlight packs for five of…


Leafs worth $1-billion, suggests Forbes Magazine

As you all know by now, the Toronto Maple Leafs are worth $1-billion according to Forbes Magazine, who released their annual National Hockey League team valuations earlier on Wednesday. These numbers are good as ballpark figures, used by Graphic Comments this summer when looking through the “winners” and “losers” of the 2005 lockout, but the…



If you’ve had difficulty getting your head around the numbers being tossed around during the NHL lockout regarding the financial situations the league’s 30 teams find themselves in, there’s good reason – at least if you look at the numbers published in Forbes Magazine today.