Dear NHL Pundits: It’s the thought that counts

Aw, you shouldn’t have. No, really. I mean it. You shouldn’t have. If you take yourself at all seriously about being a "journalist," sports or otherwise, you shouldn’t have been in such a rush to "break" a story that you neglected to put some thought into it. THAT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT PART! Whether you’re a hockey analyst or…


KHL Highlights: Actual hockey

  See that? That’s Alex Ovechkin. See what he’s doing? He’s celebrating. Know what he’s celebrating? A goal. How do you score a goal? Actually play hockey.  The KHL is doing that right now, and I quite like it. Hopefully you do, too. Enjoy!


Leo Komarov loaned to KHL club

Last week it was reported that the most ethnically ambiguous Toronto Maple Leaf Leo Komarov was going to jump ship in the AHL and head back to his KHL club. This isn’t a huge surprise, as our Russian friend Andrey translated some quotes over the summer pertaining to Komarov, he was willing to leave Canada…


Assessing Morgan Rielly’s Subway Series performance

I got to catch Morgan Rielly play a couple of games last week, Wednesday and Thursday games as part of Team WHL against Team Russia in the Subway Super Series. I talked to him briefly after the Thursday contest, but, like many hockey players, he’s not particularly talkative and conversations don’t fall into debates about…


Nazem Kadri had a good weekend: Fancystats

This is going to be the hockey statistical equivalent of calling the pocket after I’ve sunk the 8-ball, but not having been in Toronto for the last month, I didn’t quite get that Nazem Kadri’s point production was actually a major storyline. If I’ve got this right, through the first 11 games of Kadri’s season,…


Leafs Prospect Update: November 18th, 2012

Morgan Rielly’s season just keeps going downhill.  With only 2 points in his past 7 games, the Leafs’ greatest beacon-of-hope faced further humiliation this past week. First, news surfaced that Rielly’s bobblehead release date would be pushed back “due to complications with the manufacturer.” Now, video footage from the Subway Super Series shows Moose Jaw…


Best of the Nation – 11.18.12

After the jump, some of the best general interest articles from the Nation Network this week. Topics include (but are not limited to, he said in a lawyerly, small print voice): Justin Schultz, whether older players get worse over the course of a long season (don’t break a hip, Ryan), the best bargains in the…


Two minutes with Leafs prospect Morgan Rielly

After Game Six of the Subway Super Series in Victoria, I got a chance to talk to Morgan Rielly for a couple of minutes. For my article on Team Canada’s defensive prospects at the World Juniors (including where Rielly stands), click here. What would you say is the main reason for there being so many…


Study: If the Leafs had a good game, how did they play in the next game?

Gus has done some good work looking at 10-game segments for the Toronto Maple Leafs this season, and I wanted to quickly look at momentum, specifically, whether the Leafs’ performance over one 10-game segment makes much of a difference compared to the next segment. It can also be applied to games as well. What is…


UPDATE: Leo Komarov heading back to Russia

  After only a few weeks with the Toronto Marlies, Leo Komarov is taking his hockey bag and going home. Well, going back to his old KHL club at least: Dynamo Moscow. The Finnish forward signed with the Leafs this summer, but with no end to the lockout in sight, I guess he figured he’d rather suit…