Leafs Prospects Points by Period

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A few days back I presented the Maple Leafs prospects points breakdowns.

We’re going to dig a little deeper into the numbers here. Let’s take a trip.

I’ve mentioned in the past about finding anomolies in data, something that doesn’t jive with viewings. And vice versa, items in viewings that doesn’t directly translate to the data.

Tracking prospects points productions is a good start but there’s a general derth of unavailable information to make any good use of advanced stats.

Still, data is still somewhat available, above and beyond the boxcar. I’ve been testing – a work in progress – a first step into breaking down the boxcar stats into improved context – particularly when coupled with viewings and different scouting reports on players.

What does Tyler Biggs scoring 15 goals mean? How about three of the seven goals he scored in the third period in an empty net? Would that provide context? (That tells you two things: one, he’s scored three times without a goalie, and two, he’s out defending a lead at the end of games, a role requiring responsibility.)

Morgan Rielly really likes the middle frame. Why the slow start? Is this random or a trend?

Connor Brown has opened the scoring once on his way to scoring eight first period goals.

This will be more of a visual display than writtan. 

Below is a breakdown of points by Leafs prospects playing in the CHL.

Graphically, may represent the differences here.

Before going into the assists, I just want to preface that I feel designation on assists aren’t alway accurate. The first assist isn’t always the player that made the pass and sometimes just when relaying that information it gets reversed. Tread cautiously when assessing assists.

And the second assists. Ryan Rupert isn’t lighting the lamp, but has five second period assists.


So, what does this mean?

Every enhancement requires test subjects and familiarity and nice amount of CHL players in the pipeline, means most of my testing will likely involve these Leafs players first, before a wider range of prospects (and draft-eligibles, can’t forget those).

I’ll periodically present my findings here and see what kind of discoveries we can make along the way.

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