Best of the Nation: 12.23.12

Lockout talks, an Evander Kane trade, a plan to rebuild the Calgary Flames, World Junior primers and a host of other topics were covered at the Nation Network this weeks – read past the jump to see more.

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Lockout talks: Where are they now? Looking at disclaimer of interest and the road forward from here. [Flames Nation]

Panic trading Evander Kane would be hilariously asinine. Evander Kane tweets a picture of himself holding huge stacks of cash in Las Vegas. Local Jets reporter declares that he’ll be traded at some point over the course of his current contract. JetsNation argues that trading him for less than full value would be stupid. [Jets Nation]

David Booth and Vancouver: A match made in heaven. What happens when a socially conservative American gets traded to the left coast? Awesome things happen. Yet again, David Booth’s twitter feed manages to rile Canucks fans. [Canucks Army]

How to Rebuild the Calgary Flames. The opening chapter in RexLibris’ latest saga: a rebuilding plan for a club hanging precariously onto its position as a playoff bubble team. [Flames Nation]

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Tuesday Trivia. Looking for a break from the lockout? Here’s some great hockey trivia (as well as answers) for a change of pace. [Oilers Nation]

Canucks management opines on a range of issues, including the lockout. Some highlights from a wide-ranging interview with Canucks general manager Mike Gillis and assistant Laurence Gilman. [Canucks Army]

World Juniors Primer: Canada/USA draft-eligibles. Breaking down the draft-eligible guys representing North America at this year’s World Juniors. [Oilers Nation]

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World Juniors Primer: Finland/Sweden/Switzerland draft-eligibles. And here are some more names likely to be called at the 2013 Draft appearing on television over the holidays. [Oilers Nation]

"No one wins. One side just loses more slowly." The lockout, in a sentence. [Canucks Army]

Phil Kessel and consistency. Much is made of Phil Kessel’s lack of ‘consistency’ – but is he really particularly streaky, or does that just come with the territory for a goal-scorer? [Leafs Nation]

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Speaking of consistency… The Sedin twins seem to be the model of it. (“Except for the playoffs” in the comments section in 3… 2… 1…) [Canucks Army]

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