VIDEO: Morgan Rielly’s howitzer vs. Slovakia

Not sure who could have predicted that the Canadian world junior team would be losing 3-1 to Team Slovakia in the second period, but this wicked slapshot from Maple Leafs’ draft pick Morgan Rielly on a 5-on-3 potentially changed the outcome of the game.

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Rielly and partner Xavier Ouellet were arguably Canada’s top defensive unit against the Slovaks. He also had two assists in the game. Sort of inconsequential given the level of opponent, but he had a very strong game and the above goal was fairly impressive and likely the highlight of the game.

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  • I tried it at home

    can someone explain to me why Reilly sits on the bench while Murphy Caughs up the puck or makes a poor outlet pass or at best skates end to end only to take a shot at the other goalies chest??
    What’s he have to do for top pairing minutes and first unit PP time?
    Coach needs to give his head a shake!!