The top 10 Maple Leafs stories of 2013

Time to ring in the New Year. Early tomorrow morning we’ll have a post previewing the Winter Classic. If you have an outdoor hockey memory you’d like to share with us, please email at camcharron(at)gmail.com. After the Winter Classic game, which will be Game 42 on the season, the rest of the week will be…


Dion Phaneuf officially extended 7 years

  You might think he’s smiling because I’m incredibly charming, but it’s actually because of his contract extension. The Maple Leafs have re-signed their captain Dion Phaneuf to a seven-year $49 million contract. So what does that mean?


The Steve Dangle Podcast – December 31, 2013 – Best Of Part 1

  OOOOHHH BABAYYYYY!!!  Producer Chris put together two episodes of the best of the Panago Pizza Steve Dangle Podcast! Re-live some of our funniest moments, and if you’re new, catch up on on some of our inside jokes! Want to know about the first time Adam and I got drunk? What the hell is Fiya…

Nazem Kadri appears to be struggling; should not be traded

I’m working on something a little more in depth breaking down some of the more important Maple Leafs storylines at the halfway mark, but this keeps popping up in my timeline: In wake of Carlyle rant this morning 2 #NHL clubs have confirmed for me #Leafs have made Kadri available in any trade discussion. —…


#SEAofBLUE 24/7 Aftershow: Ep 3

  Aftershow for the Leafs-Wings 24/7 – Episode 3! Talking about Nazem Kadri’s brain, Santa’s relationship with Daniel Alfredsson, and David Clarkson’s water bottle.


Leafs win in regulation despite Justin Bieber’s attendance

Forget Bieber. Check out the dude in the brown sweater. "Well hello there." Alright. There’s plenty to complain about. The Leafs allowed 43 shots from the Carolina Hurricanes. The ‘Canes are 13th in the east and 25th in the league. Offensively? They’re worse! Third-last (aka 28th). They can’t score on a barn door this season…


LGD – Game 41: Hurricanes @ Leafs – The Bozak came back

When Tyler Bozak got hurt and Nazem Kadri got suspended, the Maple Leafs signed Jerred Smithson to replace him, but demoted Trevor Smith before Smithson played his first game. Toronto wasn’t attempting to add a centreman as insurance, they were looking at add an aspect of Bozak’s game that they thought they would miss. The…


Should the Maple Leafs sign Dion Phaneuf to a seven-year deal?

In a word, no. Dion Phaneuf is 28 and in his physical peak. He’s an excellent defenceman with tremendous talent and the best the Maple Leafs have had in years. He faces the toughest competition in the NHL according to Behind the Net’s metric Corsi Rel QoC metric, and the toughest competition of any NHL…


Money Well Spent

TSN is reporting this morning that the Toronto Maple Leafs and Dion Phaneuf are extremely close to putting pen to paper on a deal that would pay Dion Phaneuf $49 million dollars, give or take a few bucks, over the next seven years, giving a cap hit of $7,000,000 a season. Phaneuf is a polarizing…