Contextualizing Phil Kessel’s “struggles”

Tonight marks the 23rd time Phil Kessel has played a game with the Toronto Maple Leafs while on a six-game scoreless skid. If history is any indication, there’s no worse chance that Kessel will score in this game than any other on the schedule. Welcome to the wild world of shooting percentages and slumps. Kessel…

Leafs Ice Time Game Situations

 This is going to be a short one, a fun little post focusing on the Leafs times in various game situations. This was prompted as I was looking through the team Fenwick numbers to get an early gauge on the NHL (please take note of the small sample size and the nature of season post-lockout)….


Optimus Reim & Scribbles

It’s the summer of 2011. July 9th, specifically. I was basically unemployed after working what you could call my "rookie season" in hockey at Leafs TV. I had done some really cool things up until that point; going to the World Juniors in both Saskatoon and Buffalo, the Vancouver Olympics, but this was my first…


Preview: Game #7 Capitals @ Leafs – Is there room for Cody Franson?

Mike Komisarek is going to be held out of the lineup for a second straight contest, this one against the Washington Capitals. The Cody Franson-Mark Fraser pairings had strong games in Buffalo, both according to performance numbers and production numbers. It’s a workable pairing, but I think Franson deserves to get a few more minutes….


Frattin Party: Leafs beat Sabres 4-3 – Recap and scoring chances

Via NHLInteractive Well that was unlikely. Not only has Ryan Miller typically been a beast against the Toronto Maple Leafs in his career, but the Toronto Maple Leafs got in no small way out-played by the Buffalo Sabres at the First Niagara Center Tuesday night, but walked away with a 4-3 overtime win thanks to…


Preview: Game #6 Leafs @ Sabres

The hilarious thing is that Mike Komisarek suffered a freak injury doing “something he regrets” according to Randy Carlyle. Carlyle wouldn’t elaborate on how Komisarek suffered his injury, but said it was doing something he regrets. — Chris Johnston (@reporterchris) January 29, 2013 The not-so hilarious thing is that apparently his injury involved a fibreglass…


Tracking Phil Kessel Shots on Goal

It’s finally reached the point where the chatter to trade Phil Kessel is getting so hot it’s lighting the kindling for the bon fire that’s coming. Forever maligned as a piece involved in a fateful trade, Kessel will burn his name into the annals of Leafs history, or scorch a path out of town. There’s…


Is the Leafs penalty kill… good?

The negatives of the Leafs season so far have overtaken the positives after Toronto put up two stinkers against both New York teams to finish last week at 2-3-0. In a vacuum, the 2-3-0 record isn’t jarring or worrying. It’s a long season, despite what the pundits tell you, and usually in an 82-game season…


Jets Nation Casting Call

  So NHL hockey is back and every nation site is rocking with tons of daily content, comments, arguments and the odd terrible MS paint picture or photoshop. Every site, that is, except for the baby in the network: JetsNation. I convinced Wanye to buy JetsNation.ca and develop the site as soon as they announced…


Should the Leafs buy out Dion Phaneuf this summer?

The Fan 590, in its efforts to incite reactions out of Torontonians rather than educate, asked this question on its sports radio station today: We’re taking your #MapleLeafs calls right now on #SN590! Do you think Phaneuf is a buy-out target? Call 416-870-0590, 1-888-666-0590 or *590 — SN 590 The FAN (@FAN590) January 27, 2013…