Holy crap this is nuts!

I just made a video on Brian Burke getting replaced by Dave Nonis, what it could mean, what could be next, and some history.

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Cam Charron’s article on Dave Nonis:
Steve’s Twitter: @Steve_Dangle

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  • Avro

    Funny story: was sitting in 3rd period functions class. Right after finishing a test, the guy next to me pulls out his phone to check twitter and announces to the whole class that Brian Burke was fired. Pretty funny reactions from everyone else… I couldn’t concentrate during chemistry, was too busy thinking who was going to be brought in.

    Great video, but honestly I don’t know what to feel…
    –(Throughout) Last week: Heartbreak at the WJC.
    –Last Sunday: Joy with Lockout ending
    –Now: Burke fired… IT’S ALL TOO MUCH! The more I read into it the more I’m unsure how to feel…

  • Tyler Sage

    I am not shocked by the decision itself. This move was going to be made at some point anyway, but the timing is unusual. 10 days before a 48 game season, Wow! However, the new ownership must have felt it was time for a change! We will never really know the true reason behind the timing of this move. He did not get the results at the end of the day. The Dave Nonis Era has begun!

  • Eli York

    I don’t understand the theory that Burke was fired because he didn’t want to make the Luongo deal. If ownership really wanted to get Luongo, they could have done the deal without Burke. Much like Randy Levine signed Rafael Soriano to the Yankees even though Brian Cashman was against it and Cashman didn’t have to be fired in order to make that deal.

  • LIII1940

    I liked Burke, however when I reflected back to the first summer of free agency under his watch a Verboding of negativity on his free agent acquisitions and even the major trade that brought Kris Versteeg to the Leafs.

    We all remember the Mike Komisarek signing, but what really got me was when Burke after boasting he was going to bring truculent players to the leafs he traded for Versteeg , when I think we could have had Dustin Byfuglien instead. Burke dismissed Byfuglien as a one year wonder. I don’t know about you , but I would take Byfuglien as a Leaf any day. Oh by the way, when I enter the word Byfuglien my new I pad Thesaurus it spits out the word truculence !