LFR6 – Game 2 – Kaleta Stank


Kaleta Stank: The new fragrance of the Buffalo Sabres.

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Orr’s Fight with John Scott:

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  • FlareKnight

    Not sure after seeing the play of our second line that I’d give Grabo a promotion to the top line.

    Will be interesting to see how the Leafs do overall this year. As players who weren’t playing get into game shape things might get tougher.

  • Hey what do you think about the lack of team chemistry on leafs. Kaleta hit Kessel from behind after Kessel accidentally bumped Miller. The thing about Buffalo, is after the Lucic/Miller hit is the sabres have each others back. But the leafs are “soft” and not a “team”. And the leafs don’t stick up for each other.

    That is, who sticks up for kessel on that cheap hit? Sure you can call Kaleta a cheap shot artist but where are the leafs? The leafs let their stars get run over and don’t stick up for each other. People go on about how great a staged fight with Orr is. But that is not courageous. You know what is courageous – when stafford fought hartnell in the flyers game. The leafs are soft and not a team that has each others back. It probably all starts with the captain and coach but this team is pathetic and lacks backbone at times. I’m very disappointed.

  • Kaleta is a bum lol he’s a modern day Sean Avery…. Well, not quite but you can see where I’m going with that. What I would like to point out is buffalo’s second goal by Pominville.. He knocks over our Dman who didn’t even have the puck, which causes an odd man rush, and then he gets the puck and snipes it in.. I wasn’t happy with that at all, it was a nice rush and a nice shot, but he definately should have been penalized on that play. I woulda called that one over some of the other penalties.

  • Hi Steve, you know if I changed anything it would be bodies in front of the net. Our SOG was good, we were breaking into the zone (which is good in itself given past seasons) but there’s no point in giving the puck to a goaltender who is doing a good job. Bodies to the net. Please.

    Might’ve been a boring game in general, I loved it for one simple reason – my 6 year old daughter came and sat on the couch and as there wasn’t a lot going on I had a chance to start explaining the rules. This is a 6 year old in New Zealand, we don’t really do hockey so for her to take an interest is fantastic. We covered icing, offside and faceoffs! Looking forward to the next one we see together. To top it off she has produced two cool pictures since then – one saying ‘I love Toronto Maple Leafs’ the other ‘Hockey is cool’. Super cute (Sorry for the off topic ramble).