Game Time! Leafs vs Isles

                                    Complementary to Cam’s wonderful game preview from earlier (that you better read or you smell), here’s some essentials for tonight’s game.


Preview: Game #4 Islanders @ Leafs

I don’t find the New York Islanders a particularly interesting organization to follow, so some of this preview will be dedicated to posting some data from last night’s excellent hockey game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Most of this will be an attempt to comment on how much I’ve enjoyed the…


“At least the food was free” – Leafs crush Pens 5-2

That was one hell of a game. The Toronto Maple Leafs played Pittsburgh tough four times last season, but didn’t string together a performance like this one playing at Hockey’s Mecca. The Leafs came out strong, and despite falling down 1-0 in the first on a bit of a softie past James Reimer, battled back…