LFR6 – Game 12 – GraBITEski?


Wow…that escalated quickly.

The Leafs completely stomped the Habs on the scoreboard, and then the shenanigans started.

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  • Jprime

    Best (or most exciting) Leafs/Habs rivalry game in awhile. Probably since that double goalie pull a few years back that ended 6-5 or 7-6 with a Leafs win. I think Raycroft was one of the goalies.

    At any rate, thanks for the win and its time to pull off that effort at the ACC.

  • The Cup before I go

    Great game! I really liked the effort they brought in the first period. Reimer was solid in the second stopping 20 shots.

    And…THERE WAS NO DISTINCT BITING MOTION! Or maybe there was. Hey, you stick your bare hand in someone’s face, something’s going to happen.

  • The Cup before I go

    To make up for lost ground during the lock-out, the NHL is proud as punch to bring us,

    A Tale of two cities, A Tale of two seasons

    The Cast

    In no particular order:

    In broadcasting:
    • A local radio sports broadcaster who wondered aloud why Leaf Coach Carlisle would have Colton & Co in the line up while sitting out Steckel;
    • TV- the venerable Bob Cole (whose dedication is renown, even notorious in the mind of his jilted optometrist);
    • TV- Glenn Healy (who, after many years, seems to have finally expunged the last ounce of (less than inconspicuous) venom toward the Maple Leafs;
    • Radio- Joe Bowen (who, until this expose, has successfully hidden the fact that he has a 3rd lung) and Jim Ralph, man of boundless humour, who from high up misses nothing that goes on within the boards (note to Bettman- hook up a wire between Jim and the on-ice officials)

    The Blue & White:

    • Coach Carlyle, the hardnosed task master and, apparently, visionary
    • Phaneuf, debuting his on target bullet
    • Kessel, who’s stopped pinching himself its all so real
    • Bozak, aka “The Underappreciated”, “the penultimate Rodney Dangerfield”
    • Holzer, the first German national ever to score once, twice….in a Leaf’s uniform
    • Komarov, aka Comrad Komarov, KHL rough diamond
    • Van Riemsdyk, aka “Andreychuk who?”
    • Grabovsky, aka “Grabo”, “The Loveable One” (coined by Coby Armstrong last season), or as he is better known in Montreal, “The one we let get away for a phone call to Mats” (approximate translation)
    • Reimer, or shall we say, the reincarnation of Optimus Reim….
    • Colton & Co, and the Blue & White supporting cast

    The Black & Blue & Red:

    • Coach Therrien (who, other than readying his gaggle of weasels with their bags of tricks & stunts, and with typical ‘Confidence Francais’, just doesn’t see it coming)
    • the utmost reliable, rock star goalie, (fair) Price
    • Cole (still upset that Bozak declined his invitation to tango…and Bozak scores!…)
    • Gionta (not a good fit in Professor Lamarello’s franchise culture, the head weasel
    • Eller (aka “I’m supposed to be the enforcer??!”)
    • Bourque (hey pal, fa’get-about-it…you’re no relation, you couldn’t even tie his skates…)
    • Plekanec (jeez, thanks for showing up)
    • Prust (aka, “In Failing Hands we pass that torch, in Prust We Trust” (loose translation) )
    • Desharnais (still withholding answer to the question- “Are you still afraid of mousetraps?”)
    • Pacioretty (aka “The Petulant One”, “the beloved hall monitor” )
    • Gallagher (aka, “The Hamilton Spitballer”)
    • Armstrong (aka “Mr. Wink & Dash”, overheard musing, “So that’s why the Leafs had no use for me”)
    • the rest of the invisible supporting cast of les glorieux

    Plot Summary

    Leafs singular purpose is to extend their road warrior status in a shortened season in which every game is a playoff game. Did they remember the egg they laid on Mats Night? Maybe. Did they remember how Gionta skipped scot free when knocking Reimer into the next season? Damn straight.

    So, first to Mr. Local Broadcaster, the reason why Colton & Co were dressed was because Coach Carlyle knew his opponent: a bunch of little water bug weasels who play a low brand of weasel, spitball, and dive hockey that is a disgrace to the past class of real hockey men like Jean Beliveau. Why not Steckel? How many face-offs did Bozak and Kadri win?

    Meanwhile, in la belle province, Coach Therrien figured he had it in the bag. After all, the game was in His House, with officials knowing the nation was watching. Eh, we’ll dazzle them with our speed- he presumed. And if it got to too tense, we’ll spitball, sucker, and dive into a chain of power plays to blow the Leafs away-he strategized. Nothing new here from the re-edited Les Canadiens playbook.

    The Leafs brought their B+/A- game, took care of business on the ice and in the alleys, and left the separatist state wannabe’s quite content and good for it. How many times did the camera focus on a motionless, hapless, stunned coach behind the Montreal bench? Did he utter even a peep?…or was he afraid he was…next.

    Gionta meanwhile demonstrates his trademark unwillingness to finish what he starts.
    Poor Kostka was left holding the short stick, stuck with the chore of taking out the trash…I mean, Gallagher. According to McLaren, Gorges is a very funny guy!

    The relatively toothless Grabovsky is accused of biting by Woe-is-me Pacioretty, spitballer. It must be a most interesting bite mark Les Canadiens have whisked off in a series of crime photos to Head Disciplinarian Shanahan. Poor Shanny has study up on his CI and forensics. After all, is it truly the fragmented partial nip from the virtually toothless Grabo? Or is it, more likely, the lust mark of some one-night puck bunny? Does Pacioretty have a dog? If he does, must be a breed true to the jersey…a Shih Tzu…

    Epilogue goes to Bob Cole:
    Dear Bob, for the umpteenth time- If a player, a la MacArthur, hits the post, the goalie did not make the save. And his name is Van Riemsdyk (prn “Reemsdike”), not “van Rhymesdike”. And please call your optometrist back- you have missed so many appointments, and no, there is no surgical procedure to slow the game down.