LFR6 – Game 18 – Ruff Go for Buffalo

The Leafs take advantage of the new-look Buffalo Sabres. Speaking of which, who the hell are the Buffalo Sabres?

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    • Brian, people keep talking about Kessel scoring and scoring and scoring AND…seriously…stop. Sure, it’s awesome when Kessel snipes a goal. I jump up and yell, and I end up waking up the kids. But I absolutely LOVE this other side of him. He’s a play-maker? He’s playing defense? He’s back-checking? He’s a different player!!! This is the Kessel the Leafs want. The guy shoots a lot and should have more goals, so the goals will come. Don’t simply say Lupal should be put back with Kessel so he can score! Are you kidding me? The goals will come, it’s not like he’s not getting shots. With Lupal or JVR, this is a different Kessel. This is the Kessel the Leafs should’ve had all along. (And if the Leafs keep winning, and Kessel’s putting up assists, then who cares)

      • Exactly Joel, the plays that he has set up are as good as scoring the goals himself. Plus, like Joe Bowen said last night, “How many posts has he hit?” He’s beating the goalie, it’s just a matter of it going an inch the other way, maybe he just doesn’t have that luck this year, or just not yet. But I like the way he has been playing this year, he is still always a scoring threat, he’s making plays, and doing some back checking, he’s becoming less of a one dimensional player many Leaf and non-Leaf fans have criticized him of being.