LFR6 – Game 20 – Naz can pazz

Nazem Kadri putting up points and I’m speaking Russian. This season is way different than last season.

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  • The Craig


    The question isn’t: Will acquiring this player cost too much?

    The question is: Will this player upgrade this team and help them win more games, during the time that he will be here.

    I think yes. Therefore they should make the trade. It’s ok to think that no he won’t. But you’d be wrong. Which is ok. It’s just … wrong.

    Are the Leafs good enough to get into the playoffs and once there pose a credible threat to win the cup? Right now? Maybe. They sure would look better with O’Reilly in the lineup, dropping Bozak to a lesser role.

    In conclusion: Yes please.

  • The Craig

    Yes, I want O’Reilly. I am terrified of what he will cost given the Leafs’ recent track record for shipping out promising young players.

    Please do the Russian flourish whenever Grabbo or Kulie scores. Or any Leaf, really. Imagine a Russian call of the Kadri plays.

    • The Craig

      Well I assume Nonis won’t give up much more than fair market value. So I suppose there could be a situation where I don’t like whats given up but…. ya I don’t think that’ll happen is what I’m saying.

      If he can help the Leafs as much as I think he can (which is a point up for debate) then it doesn’t really matter what’s given up. Obviously there’s limitations to that statement if you really want to get picky.

      It’s like AA said: Don’t worry about what you give up, worry about what you get back.