LFR6 – Game 21 – Zut


Bad officiating? Sure. But the effort sucked just as bad, if not worse.

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  • BleedBlue

    mann… agree or disagree… well brown shouldn’t have got that 5 or a game.. that hit was from the side. but i can understand if it was a 2. as far as colton orr goes… i dont even think kadri or mcCarthur were even looking for him on the ice

  • MaxPower417

    It was pretty clear watching the game that the leafs fell apart once Phaneuf turned tail on Prust. Prust would have got the instigator and that would have taken the leafs off the PK. And in addition give a big boost to the team instead of the big let down. I miss Wendel Clark he would have never turtled like that.