Mike Brown Traded to Oilers


Mike Brown has been traded to the Edmonton Oilers.

It looks like TSN’s Aaron Ward had it first.

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The most intriguing part about that tweet was the "s" part. Sounds like the Leafs are getting multiple draft picks, which ended up not being the case.

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The Leafs acquire a fourth-round draft pick in 2014, which isn’t bad, considering the Leafs originally acquired Brown from the Anaheim Ducks for a fifth-rounder in 2010. Even better, according to Pierre LeBrun, the draft pick turns into a third-rounder if the Oilers make the playoffs…so it’s probably a fourth. We can dream though.

Also noteworthy, is this frees up a roster spot. The Leafs were at the 23-man roster limit. With Mike Brown’s departure, it would seem to indicate the return of Matt Frattin. We’ll have more on that later.

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In 112 games with Toronto, Brown had 5 goals and 8 assists for 13 points. Keep in mind though, scoring isn’t why the Leafs acquired Brown in the first place. His biggest offensive highligt however, has to be this beauty with Joffrey Lupul.

Brown had 213 PIMs and 27 fights in two seasons with the Leafs, including preseason. In Brown’s most recent fight, he opened up the Flyers’ Tye McGinn, which is impressive, because Tye McGinn is a really good 1920’s boxing name.

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Perhaps most importantly, I once called Mike Brown a Honey Badger in one of my postgame LFR videos, causing someone to make this video that you’ll never ever unsee.

Good luck, Mike.

Here is the Edmonton perspective on the trade from Jonathan Willis at the Oilers Nation.

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  • Alex

    Really sad to see him go, a real great character guy. But on the other hand I kind of saw this coming, out of our tough guys he was probably playing the worst, plus he was somewhat injury prone, but that was just because he played such a tough and energized game. All that plus the fact that they had to clear a roster spot for Frattin didn’t bode well for him. The Oilers fans are gonna love him, all the best Brownie!