LFR6 – Game 31 – Down with Goons


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I meant to talk about the game and ended up ranting about goons. Screw goons.

Post Game Blog

(Ed. note: Patrick Kaleta leads the NHL in penalties drawn per 60 minutes among regular players.)

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  • kobegeee

    I think trading Kulemin and/or MacArthur, for another guy similar to them (Steve Ott maybe) OR, OR, OR, Brendan Morrow… Good physical presence, good veteran to have in the locker room, career 50% in shootouts… Has a NTC… But he is getting late in his career, and probably wants to play on a p**y*ff (no jinxing) team… Imagine a Kadri, Lupul, Morrow line… Maybe it’s just me… But I think he is well worth a try…

  • So I am actually going to try to defend our two goons. Bear with me because Ill try not to make stupid arguments like everyone else.

    Steve makes a good point that a player who fights and who is skilled is more valuable. I agree, and so do GM’s who pay a premium for these players. Go to tsn and look at PIM stats, pick out the PIM leaders who are good and look at there salary and whether they are trade-able. Boston is not moving Lucic, Ottawa is not moving Neil. So to say that you want a “Prust” like player on our 4th line is not realistic in a cap system (unless you have the luck of drafting a player like this).

    I believe that these fighters and goons are essential to a good hockey team as a means of establishing a “die hard” dressing room atmosphere and bring up the intensity. I am not saying that after a fight your team gets better, I’m saying that teams who get bloody also win cups (bruins, ducks, LA etc.). And say what you want about goons not stopping teams from taking cheap shots, but…the leafs are yet to be truly embarrassed this year, something that happened frequently when we got into tough games last year (Boston).

    I also think Steve answered his own question when he said that these guys only play a few minutes a night. These guys don’t need to play much, because this league only needs 3 lines. I rather have the leafs top 3 lines on for 58 min than have some pseudo-AHL 4th line eat up 8 min of ice time. One of the major problems in the last few years has been that we are paying Armdog 3 mill/yr to eat up min on a 4th line…now thats stupid in a cap system.

    So there it is, my counter argument. I truly believe that there are intangibles associated with goons and that the leafs have been playing a better style of hockey this year. They also dont take up valuable roster stops. Its not like Carlyle is a stupid man… he just prioritizes different than people like Steve.

    • Mpsenicka

      No you are clearly low browed dimwit. Let me focus my attack on you specifically and not the points you make.

      There is no room for anything as logical, fair and balanced as your view. Bloggers and posters NHL experience is as far as NHL13. There is even no room for differing view even if you are simply trying to provide context. And it doesn’t matter thatthey don’t know what is going on the ice (trash talking, cheap shotting, slashing behind the play).

      The only correct answer that is tolerated is get Orr and Mclaren off the team because advanced statistics say they are not good at hockey. And advanced statistics are the holy grail even though I’m not aware of a single team in the history of the NHL that uses them.

  • millzy09

    @adam…very well presented. Some excellent points. Hit everything.

    At the end of the day, guys like Orr and McLaren bring a different culture to a hockey team. They bring an identity and that is very important and underrated. No matter what anyone says, guys stand a little taller and put up with a little less when they have someone like that on the team, even if they are on the bench. It’s purely psychological and it provides more to a team than a lot of people realize. So much of it is about intimidation.

    There is a massive difference between walking into a rink for a game of hockey versus walking into a rink for war.

    Consolation for those who disagree – at least our goons are good at what they do!

  • Quasijr

    There is 2 ways of getting rid of useless players like Orr & McLaren.
    First call the slashes on Phil Kessel by Scott. If they arent called in the game suspend him for deliberate intimidation. Then any player suspened by the league for any reason that roster spot cannot be filled until suspension has been served in full by player. That way both team & player are responsible for theyre actions. If a player cannot fullfill his suspension then team that had him must lose that roster spot till it is served. So if your suspended for a year team loses roster spot for a year.

    I mean game roster spot so if its a 24 man roster you now have to field 23 men for the amount of games of the suspension

  • Quasijr

    The answer might be in the system. There is Tyler Biggs, but also David Broll who is 6’3″, 235 lbs and had 54 points in 67 games the OHL.


    The guy is big and can fight but he can play the game and make better passes than our current goons:



    He probably needs a year or two with the Marlies, but I am interested to see him play in the AHL and training camp.